Inslee admits his tax increases are tax increases. Cost to taxpayers: $1.2 billion

by | Jan 18, 2013

 As we reported earlier, the day after becoming Governor, Jay Inslee held his first press conference and promptly broke his veto-taxes pledge.  Inslee said “Extension of taxes not an increase”.



But 24 hours later, Inslee admitted his tax increases are tax increases that will cost taxpayers $1.2 billion.  How’d everyone miss that?



Well, it turns out that the day after his press conference, Governor Inslee’s OFM (state budget office) released their fiscal analyses of Rep. Reuven Carlyle’s bill (HB 1122) that each includes Governor Inslee’s tax increases —  Under our Initiative 960, approved by voters in 2007, Inslee’s OFM is required to identify bills that increase taxes and do a cost projection on them.   As you can see, Inslee’s OFM analyzed the bills and found them to be tax increases and confirmed they’ll cost taxpayers $1.2 billion.



Governor Inslee can employ all the political spin he wants but his own team of fiscal analysts objectively found his tax increases to be tax increases that’ll cost taxpayers $1.2 billion.   He better not try.  The voters overwhelmingly approved our Initiative 1185 in November so it’s clear the people will not accept higher taxes this year.