Inslee Throws Hissy Fit When Journalist Asks Him Follow-Up Questions

by | May 26, 2020

For 8 years, we’ve had Jay Inslee as Governor of Washington state.

Contrary to his repeated campaign promises, he raised taxes 30 times costing taxpayers $50.6 billion.

He took $5 million from taxpayers to run for President.

After voters passed I-976, he refused to implement our $30 tabs because he said voters were “confused.”

He allowed homelessness to skyrocket, illegal drug use to proliferate, and violent crime to go up.

Citizens didn’t like any of that because those things were really awful.

But all those bad things seemed to fit into the realm of “bad-but-kinda-normal-bad under Jay Inslee.”

But we are way beyond that now.

Inslee made it very clear during his Bernie Sanders’ interview that he was genuinely happy with the economic crisis he caused because it will make it easier to impose his climate agenda.

On Q13’s TV program “The Divide” on Sunday, he was asked if he regretted what he told Bernie Sanders.

Nope. In fact, he doubled down and sounded absolutely gleeful about it.

But when journalist Brandi Kruse had the temerity to ask follow-up questions and not allow him to get away with his usual straw man arguments, Inslee threw a hissy fit

(Watch from 7:11 – 9:11)

KTTH’s Jason Rantz rightfully observed: “This interview was embarrassing.”

“No, we’re not going to permanently tell people over the age of 60 or 65 that they’re no longer part of our community,” Inslee mused, again citing a plan literally no politician (or anyone?) has ever uttered. Kruse would interject and again explain that no one is saying that. Inslee would then snap and have a fit: “Brandi, if you would like to have a discussion, I would like to finish my point.”

Kruse responded that she wanted to make sure they left “hyperbole” out of the discussion.

He got more testy, asking to finish his answer: “Is that OK with you?” (Inslee isn’t used to longform interviews where there are follow-ups and interjections, something he’s prevented during his press briefings so that he’s not embarrassed too much).


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