Inslee’s $26 billion tax bill! Just another example of why our tax initiatives and our political efforts are so essential!

by | Mar 18, 2019


Inslee isn’t letting his run for President interfere with his tax-hiking agenda.  Here’s State Budget Office report on his $26 billion tax package (he’s flippin’ nuts!):

From 2013-2018, Inslee signed into law 19 tax increases that the state budget office reports will cost $23.8 billion (  So Gov pushing more than all previous combined! Insane.

Democrats passed a bill in the Senate that kicks Trump off the 2020 ballot.  I testified against it, You can watch it here:

Hans Zeiger’s bill that takes away our right to vote on tax increases passed the Senate. SB 5224 was sponsored by Democrat Patty Kuderer (she also sponsored the anti-Trump bill – see above). Crazy Democrat bills only succeed when turncoat Republicans back them (THE STRANGER: “On Wednesday, the bill passed with support from Republican state senator Hans Zeiger. Good going Hans!”). 

Good news:

*  Our $30 Tabs Initiative qualified and is absolutely guaranteed to be on the November 2019 ballot. Bring ’em back, baby! 

*  We are working super hard to qualify our Give Them Nothing referendum that vetoes politicians’ massive salary bonuses. 

*  AG Ferguson’s lifetime ban on my future political activities is on the chopping block on April 5 (let’s pack the room). Either I will argue it myself or the Institute for Free Speech will.  

Thanks to you, I’m still here and I’m still fighting.  Please help me continue.