Inslee’s tax rampage starts next week — “Higher taxes are coming, higher taxes are coming”

by | Dec 8, 2016

Throughout his campaign for re-election, Gov. Jay Inslee was against tax increases.  Now that he’s won, he’ll shatter those no-new-taxes promises starting next week.  He releases his proposed budget, and as we’ve learned after Inslee wins any election, his Pavlovian response is to push for higher taxes.  

        Carbon taxes, capital gains income taxes, higher property taxes, hikes in business taxes, regressive taxes, progressive taxes, anything and everything is AOK with tax-hiking Jay Inslee.

        Statewide voters have repeatedly and emphatically said no to higher taxes.  In 2012, during that high turnout presidential year, our Initiative 1185 which renewed the 2/3-for-taxes legislative vote requirement got more votes than any initiative in state history.  Then voters demanded to make that protection permanent when they passed our Initiative 1366 in 2015.  Statewide voters have made their anti-tax message very, very clear.

        And legislators also need to understand that last November Sound Transit massively raised sales taxes, property taxes, and car tab taxes, leaving nothing on the table for anything else.  So even if taxpayers wanted higher taxes (which they don’t), there’s simply nothing left to take thanks to Sound Transit’s pig-out.  Their massive tax hikes take effect on January 1st and taxpayers in the Puget Sound are gonna be shell-shocked and in no mood for even higher taxes out of Olympia this session.

        Inslee’s tax rampage starts next week but it’s not an effort the taxpayers want or support.  It’s clear the voters oppose any tax hikes this session. 

        You can count on us to fight against state and local government’s insatiable tax appetite.  The voters’ passage of our Initiative 1366 last year certainly shows that the people are in no mood for any tax hikes, let alone increases next year totaling $3.5 billion.          

      Petitions for “We Love Our Cars” I-869 have been sent out (if you need more, just email or call).  Our polling shows it’s another big winner.  Please help us make it a reality.

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