It’s a marathon, not a sprint – signature drive for $30 tabs goes till Dec 31

by | Jun 25, 2018

The other initiatives have a deadline of July 6, ours is December 31. So that means we have the rest of June, July, August, September, October, November, and December to raise money and collect signatures. We chose this route to give ourselves extra time to get the required 350K signatures.

After falling short in 2016 and again in 2017, we owed it to all of you to give ourselves the best opportunity to succeed.

So while other campaigns are sprinting toward their July 6 finish line, we need everyone to know that ours is a marathon.

But that doesn’t mean we can coast. We can’t slack off.

We need to take advantage of every opportunity to get petitions distributed, to donate money, to ask voters to sign.

We already know that we made the right decision. The other campaigns are spending multiple millions of dollars extra because they needed their signatures in a really short time frame. In many cases, they had only weeks, where we have many months.

But that extra time only helps us if our supporters take advantage of that extra time by repeatedly asking us for more petitions, collecting signatures at every event imaginable, and donating dollars every chance you get.

When an initiative as popular as ours doesn’t make it, it’s because the initiative sponsors — me — failed to inspire folks to help.

I have done, am doing, and will continue to do everything I can to make this effort a success.

Top 5 Contributors: Larry Sundquist, William Montgomery, Tim Eyman, Kristina Sundquist, Morris Mehrer