It’s crunch time — initiatives don’t qualify unless there’s a big surge at the end

by | Jun 22, 2015

For almost 5 months, we’ve been asking our supporters to donate dollars and collect signatures.  This week is the last full week left for us to qualify the 2/3-For-Taxes Constitutional Amendment Initiative for the ballot.

        It’s crunch time — initiatives don’t qualify unless there’s a big surge in donations and signatures at the end. 

        Today, the Libertarian Party of Washington announced their endorsement of our initiative:

2/3‐For‐Taxes Constitutional Amendment Initiative Gains Unanimous Support from State’s Limited Government Conscience

Last week, the Libertarian Party State Executive Committee unanimously supported Tim Eyman’s latest attempt to protect the taxpayers from unrestrained growth and taxation.  The initiative, entitled the “Taxpayer Protection Act,” perfectly aligns with the party’s 42 year old platform seeking to increase economic opportunity by limiting government taxation and interference in the private sector.  The voters’ approval of a 2/3‐For‐Taxes Constitutional Amendment provides a permanent solution to Olympia’s unending efforts to take more of the people’s money.

Washington State Libertarian Party Chair, Steven Nielson, urged party leaders and activists to fully engage with an idea supported by nearly 70% of Washington voters.  He said: “Tim Eyman and his team are once again leading the charge against the government’s ongoing pillaging of our paychecks and bank accounts.  Our families cannot afford a tax policy that does not require transparency, accountability, or even common sense restraints in spending.  The Libertarian Party supports I‐1366 because it provides a permanent solution, ending the legislature’s persistent habit of overturning the will of the people in their quest for government growth.  With the voters’ support, Washington State will not stand alone in requiring in its state constitution a higher vote threshold for tax increases.  We will be joining 17 other states who already constitutionally restrict the ability of their legislatures to rely on taxation as a first resort.  The voters’ overwhelming approval of Initiative 1366 in November will send a resounding message to the Legislature that the decades long power struggle over the wealth of Washingtonians is coming to a close.  We are proud to stand with Mr. Eyman and support his best pro‐liberty initiative to date ‐‐ Initiative 1366.”

— END —

        We are agonizingly close to qualifying.  We just need everyone to help raise the money necessary to collect the required signatures.  We’ve worked too hard and invested too much to fall short now.

        Please help us make it happen.                  

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