It’s the House and Senate Democrats fault that I-1366 wasn’t implemented

by | Apr 20, 2016

 Last November, voters passed I-1366 and it’s mandate to the 2016 Legislature was clear:  either put a 2/3-for-taxes constitutional amendment on the ballot before April 15th or the sales tax gets reduced by a penny. 

         Last Friday was I-1366’s April 15th deadline and taxpayers didn’t get what they voted for.  We didn’t get a vote on a constitutional amendment and we didn’t get a lower sales tax.  Why?  Because every single House and Senate Democrat refused to respect your vote.  Every single Republican in both chambers voted to let the people vote but the Democrats — every single one of them — blocked the vote. 

        Jack, Mike, and I are furious that House and Senate Democrats disrespected your vote.  In 2014, we sponsored I-1325 and worked super hard but didn’t qualify it for the ballot.  So we came back in 2015 and tried again with I-1366.  With the heroic help of all of you, I-1366 turned in enough signatures to be voted on.  Opponents threw the kitchen sink at me/us/1366.  Nonetheless, after a multi-month vigorous debate, voters passed I-1366.

         Once it passed, it was up to legislators to listen.  After 6 initiatives, 6 public debates, and 6 votes of the people, the voters earned the right to vote on a 2/3-for-taxes constitutional amendment. 

         It’s the Democrats fault that I-1366 wasn’t implemented.  It’s their fault your vote didn’t count. 

         58 Democrats are elected from districts with voters who overwhelmingly support the 2/3 policy.  Not one of those 58 Democrats respected their voters — every single one of them stuck their finger in the eye of the people they’re elected to represent. 

        We’re fighting back against this injustice by the Democrats two ways:

1)  Un-electing Democrats who disrespected their constituents.  Here they are:  

LD 01 —
Rosemary McAuliffe, Derek Stanford, and Luis Moscoso

LD 03 —
Andy Billig, Marcus Riccelli, and Timm Ormsby

LD 05 —
Mark Mullett (elect his pro-2/3 challenger Chad Magendanz)

LD 19 —
Dean Takko, JD Rossetti, and Brian Blake

LD 21 —
Marko Liias, Strom Peterson, and Lillian Ortiz-Self

LD 23 —
Christine Rolfes, Sherry Appleton, and Drew Hansen

LD 24 —
Jim Hargrove, Kevin Van De Wege, and Steve Tharinger

LD 27 —
Jeannie Darneille, Laurie Jinkins, and Jake Fey

LD 28 —
Christine Kilduff (elect pro-2/3 challenger Mike Winkler)

LD 29 —
Steve Conway, David Sawyer, and Steve Kirby

LD 31 —
Chris Hurst (elect his pro-2/3 challenger Phil Fortunato)

LD 32 —
Maralyn Chase, Cindy Ryu, and Ruth Kagi

LD 33 —
Karen Keiser, Tina Orwall, and Mia Gregerson

LD 38 —
John McCoy, June Robinson, and Mike Sells

LD 40 —
Kevin Ranker, Kristine Lytton, and Jeff Morris

LD 41 —
Tana Senn and Judy Clibborn

LD 44 —
Steve Hobbs and Hans Dunshee

LD 45 —
Roger Goodman and Larry Springer

LD 47 —
Pat Sullivan

LD 48 —
Cyrus Habib, Patty Kuderer, and Joan McBride

LD 49 —
Annette Cleveland, Sharon Wylie, and Jim Moeller 

       Democrats who disrespect voters need to be fired and replaced with candidates who want to represent the citizens, not rule over them.  Voters need to know who these undemocratic Democrats are.  This is a critical effort that we will promote it from now until November.

           And the second way we’re fighting backing is:
2)  Jack, Mike, and our entire team are committed to protecting taxpayers with our follow-up initiatives “Tougher To Raise Taxes” and “Bring Back Our $30 Car Tabs.”  Without them, taxpayers are completely vulnerable to Olympia’s insatiable tax appetite.  

         We are junk-yard dogs when it comes to this stuff.  So you can count on us to keep trying.   

         But whether we continue to succeed or not is up to you.  We will keep winning on behalf of taxpayers as long as your financial support continues.  Please make a donation today.  With your help and support, we have accomplished extraordinary things for the taxpayers of Washington.  Help us continue.  

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© 2020 Permanent Offense