Jay Inslee is telling voters to vote no on I-976: “Hi, uh, Jay here, ya know, this is Tim Eyman’s initiative.” No Jay, it’s the citizens’ initiative.

by | Oct 28, 2019

Jay Inslee: “Hi, uh, Jay here, I just want to take a moment to express the hope that you will join me in voting no against I-976. Ya know this is Tim Eyman’s initiative. … the, uh, the safe thing to say about this is this would gut our ability for people to move around our state and that’s just a simple fact … we do not need Tim Eyman to stop the ability of people in the state of Washington to get to work and to soccer practice and school. So vote no on I-976.”

Watch it here: 



Jay says “This is Tim Eyman’s initiative.”

No Jay, it is the citizens initiative. It is 352,093 voters’ initiative. And it’ll be backed by 65% of voters on Nov 5. Voting yes tells Jay Inslee voters won’t tolerate dishonest taxes imposed by dishonest governments and defended by dishonest politicians. I-976 tells all politicians to stop ripping us off.


ELECTION NIGHT: Wanna make Jay Inslee really angry? Help us afford a HUGE election night victory party (at the Bellevue Hyatt of course, 7-11pm, Nov 5). Big room, sound system, food, drinks, etc. Let me tell ya: it ain’t cheap! Please help us give supporters a place to celebrate this historic victory together (and let’s start chipping away at the $500k loan that Karen and I made to help I-976 qualify): https://permanentoffense.com/donate/ 

 What’s happening on the campaign trail today? (Mon, Oct 28) I’m driving to and from Spokane to debate Spokane council president and mayor-wanna-be Ben “Benny Boy” Stuckart. He is pushing his government resolution telling voters how to vote on I-976. Ben’s not a big believer in following the law. 

Thus far, the city of Spokane, has not:

  • Notified the public about his government resolution on I-976 (RCW 42.17A.555 requires: “any required notice of the meeting includes the title and number of the ballot proposition”)
  • Made it clear that I will be “afforded an approximately equal opportunity for the expression of an opposing view” on his government resolution telling voters how to vote on I-976 (also a requirement of RCW 42.17A.555).

So while I’m driving 5 hours to Spokane, please take the time to send him an email (copy and paste into the To line of the email): bstuckart@spokanecity.orgvoteforben2019@gmail.comtim_eyman@comcast.net 

In the subject line, copy and paste this:
Don’t violate the law, Benny Boy. Provide Tim Eyman with equal time to speak against your government resolution. City councils in Seattle, Kirkland, and others complied with the law and gave Tim equal time (10min) – you better do the same!  

In the body of your email, tell him how you feel about the government telling you how to vote. Is he really this arrogant?

On his city council business card that gets handed out at City Hall’s front, Benny Boy includes his cell number (509-710-9611) on his card. So please also send him a text message:
“Ben, the law requires you to give Tim equal time (10min) to speak against your government resolution — don’t violate the law” 

Full steam ahead on Initiative 976.