Jay Inslee just jumped the shark by mandating EVERYONE ALWAYS WEAR MASKS

by | Jun 24, 2020

Without public hearings and without legislative votes, Jay Inslee just mandated EVERYONE ALWAYS WEAR MASKS. He sent out a cartoon:

For me, the answer to that question is this:

NEVER after I’m elected Governor.

I grew up in Yakima where there were four TV channels to choose from: 23, 29, 35, and 47.

Each Tuesday night at 8pm, I’d watch Happy Days (w/ Laverne & Shirley right after).

It started out “cool” but after A LOT of years, it got bad. I mean really bad. The stories got more and more absurd.

But nothing topped this one: there he was — a leather-jacket-wearing Fonzie who supposedly never waterskied before — wearing waterskis and jumping over a shark.

It was beyond dumb, embarrassingly stupid, ABSOLUTE IDIOCY (https://tinyurl.com/InsleeJumpsTheShark).

That’s Jay Inslee mandating EVERYONE ALWAYS WEAR MASKS.

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I love you all.