Join me this morning, 10am-12noon, $30 Tabs rally, Pierce County Annex in Tacoma

by | Nov 14, 2017

The last time I traveled down to the Pierce County Annex in Tacoma where folks renew their car tabs, it was summer and I wore a $30 tabs t-shirt, sunglasses, and flip-flops while collecting signatures with John Barry, Gordon Glaxton, and Grant Pelesky, and other heroic members of their team. I even got a little sunburned.

This morning, I’m going head-to-toe polar bear wear and I doubt I have to worry about getting too much sun.

Join me this morning from 10am-12noon as I award members of the Cascade Ironing Board Brigade with the highest honor in our campaign: those supporters who reach 1000+ signatures earn an uber-orange $30 Tabs Initiative t-shirt.

These guys are heroes manning this location to collect signatures every weekday, regardless of weather. It’s really inspiring.

Join me this morning. Swing by to sign. It’ll be a great chance to meet you in person and thank you for your help and support. The address for the Annex is 2401 S 35th St, Tacoma,

I can’t wait to share with you the pictures from today’s event. I’m quite certain we’ll be dressed quite a bit different than this:

We’re working super hard to Bring Back Our $30 Tabs and stick it to Sound Transit — here’s two ways you can help us:

1) ask for petitions and help collect signatures (collect 1000+ signatures and earn yourself an uber-orange $30 Tabs t-shirt).

2) donate (just think about how much you’ve saved over the years from our other two successful $30 Tabs Initiatives).

The end of December deadline for signatures is fast approaching so we need all hands on deck.

DO WHAT THESE SUPPORTERS HAVE DONE: Get a bunch of petitions. Just hit “reply” to this email and let me know how many petitions you want, your address, and your phone number. I will find an Office Depot, Staples, Minuteman Press, or Kinko’s near you, order the petitions for you, and all you need to do is pick them up. You can get 3 petitions for less than a $1. You can get 10 petitions for less than $3. You can get 100 petitions for $30. They’re dirt cheap with super fast turnaround. You can pick up your petitions in an hour. It is a petition distribution revolution that more and more supporters across the state are taking advantage of.

Please contact me RIGHT NOW (, cell: 509-991-5295) — I’m ready to help.

The greatest threat to this statewide signature drive is OVERCONFIDENCE. Having qualified 16 initiatives for a statewide public vote over the years, we’ve made it seem easy. It’s not. It’s really tough. The only way we’re gonna make it is with a massive grassroots effort where everyone across the state helps.

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