Join me tonite @ Lynnwood City Council (Mon), Edmonds City Council Tues nite, big debate on I-976 in Everett Thurs nite – love to see you and thank you in person for support.

by | Oct 14, 2019

Another great week fighting against dishonest vehicle taxes with I-976.

I know it’s difficult for our supporters to attend these things because y’all work for a living. But if you’re able to make it, I’d love to have the chance to meet you and thank you in person for all your help and support. I love you guys.

Tonight, Mon, 10/14, 7pm. The Lynnwood City Council is taking up government resolution telling voters how to vote on I-976. Public comments start at 7pm. Join me. Lynnwood City Hall, 19100 44th Ave W. They also livestream it on YouTube:
More details here:

Tomorrow, Tues, 10/15, starts @ 7pm, the Edmonds City Council doing anti-976 resolution. Join me. Public comments start at 7pm. Public Safety Complex, 250 5th Ave N, Edmonds. More details here – see page 317:


Thurs, 10/17, 7pm through 8:30pm, in Everett there’s the one-and-only public debate on I-976 (me versus Everett Mayor Cassie Franklin and Sen. Steve Hobbs). Location: WSU-Everett, 915 N Broadway, tiered lecture hall on 1st floor. It will be livestreamed by debate sponsor Everett Herald (here’s a preview: 

So there are 3 chances for me to meet you in person and thank you for all your help and support. Our supporters are burdened by working for a living so making it to these types of things is difficult. But if you can attend (or watch it), I’d sure appreciate it.

You will never find a person more in love with the initiative process than I am. The beauty of the process is this: the voters get to decide. All our votes count the same. Steve Hobbs’ vote counts the same as yours. Cassie Franklin’s vote is no more impactful than yours. Lots of very powerful public interest groups who are feeding at the trough are spending millions of dollars lying to voters about I-976. But groups don’t vote, people do. And there’s a heckuvalot more taxpayers than tax-takers. I have faith in voters. I never tell someone who’s against I-976 that their opinion is wrong — we all have different value systems and we all have a right to believe what we want and vote how we want. I just believe that nearly 65% of voters will decide that, on balance, the positives from the passage of I-976 far outweigh the negatives. That the $3.5 billion tax surplus is more than enough to backfill affected program. And every pig currently being fed by dishonest taxes will have to re-justify their effectiveness in order to be backfilled. And that’s essentially a performance audit on each pig. I think that’s a healthy and positive thing.

So hope to see you this week.  Full steam ahead on Initiative 976.