Join me/us @ 1:30pm hearing today on House Bill 2529 which eliminates elections, voting, democracy, legislative accountability, initiatives. Public hearing today. Join me/us @ 1pm in Olympia.

by | Jan 22, 2020

Today, Wed, Jan 22, Eyman 1:00pm press conference (courtyard between O’Brien and Cherberg bldgs, south of Capitol, north of Pritchard Library), 1:30 pm hearing on HB 2529 before the State Govt & Tribal Relations Committee, O’Brien Bldg, Olympia.

The last time I was in a hearing room in Olympia, I confronted Jay Inslee over his misrepresentations and refusal to implement $30 Tabs. All hell broke loose when a regular citizen asked an elected official a question.  

Today, I and other regular citizens will be confronting legislators pushing HB 2529 that prohibits elections, voting, initiatives, legislative accountability, democracy, and other guaranteed constitutional rights.

It’s vile, putrid, noxious, and offensive.

It’s a public hearing — but will they call security when we testify against it?

Fascist regimes stifle dissent by force – is that WA state?

Join me/us for my 1pm press conference beforehand. Hearing starts at 1:30pm.

Jay Inslee told me to “sit down.” Doesn’t that smug look on his face say it all?

When the government attacks our constitutionally guaranteed rights — like HB 2529 does — we cannot sit down, we must stand up. That’s what we’re doing today in Olympia. When Jay Inslee called voters stupid, said voters were “confused” and that we all just needed to “move on,” he showed what kind of Governor he’ll be if voters give him 4 more years.

If you can’t attend today’s hearing, I understand — our supporters have a disadvantage the other side doesn’t – you all work for a living. You have jobs, companies to run, products and services to provide.

You’re the ones pulling the wagon.

A handful of us will be sitting in a room filled with those riding in the wagon, freaks-of-nature who can, on a work day in the middle of the afternoon, wait several hours to speak for 2 minutes.

But we know we will be speaking for 95% of citizens who actually support elections, voting, legislative accountability, democracy, and other constitutional rights.

I ask you to pray for us.

I make you this promise: support me in this effort and I’ll give you a race for Governor like you’ve never seen before.

I love you all.