JOIN US. Entire 1648 Team Turning In Petitions Fri, July 5, 2 Pm @ SecState Office In Olympia

by | Jun 25, 2019

There’s no way to get 320,000 signatures in 6 weeks. Not without tons of money and tons of paid petitioners.

It can’t be done. 

It’s impossible.

But a 4 minute mile used to be impossible.

But now it isn’t.  

Going faster than the speed of sound used to be impossible.

But now it isn’t.

The word “impossible” isn’t in the vocabulary of pioneers and trail-blazers and entrepreneurs.

We’re gonna do the impossible and make history when we turn in 400,000+ signatures for Initiative 1648. That’s exactly what’s gonna happen by 5 pm, Friday, July 5 if we all work our tail ends off from now ’til then.

We need everyone to keep collecting signatures and asking me for petitions during these final 10 days.

Superstars Cary Condotta and Mike McKee and other 1648 leaders are doing a “last dash” pick up of petitions across the east side of the state Friday morning and driving to Olympia for the 2 pm turn-in. Me and other west-siders are doing our own “last dash” pick ups that morning too and meeting there with them.  

We have a 2:00pm appointment with the Secretary of State at their 520 Union Ave SE, Olympia office. The entire 1648 team is turning in @ 2pm, and then rallying ’til 5 pm. Come join us. We wanna meet you and thank you in person for helping make history. 

Term Limits on New Taxes Initiative I-1648 expires this session’s 11 tax hikes on December 5 (section 2, subsection 2) and expires future tax hikes after one year (section 2, subsection 1). The only way a tax increase can last longer than that is by asking the voters’ permission. 

There’s nothing in the Constitution that specifies the duration of legislation.   

That’s why the Legislature puts expiration dates on bills all the time.

In fact, in 2013, the Legislature passed a law requiring tax preferences to automatically expire after 10 years (RCW 82.32.805 — 

Guess who’s bill it was? Seattle’s Reuven Carlyle! It passed the Senate 43-5, the House 66-25, and Inslee signed it into law.

Since it can be done legislatively with tax preferences, it can be done legislatively with tax increases.

After $27 billion in tax hikes this session, it’s abundantly clear that those dirty dogs in Olympia need to be put on a short leash!!