Join Us This Sun 1-2pm @ Capitol In Olympia: PROTESTING JAY INSLEE (6 Feet Apart)

by | Apr 16, 2020

Are you fed up? I am too.

Join us this Sun 1-2pm @ the Capitol in Olympia: PROTESTING JAY INSLEE (6 feet apart). This was started by 2A Patriot and Pierce County GOP committee member Tyler Miller. But Sunday’s rally has become even more critical now that Inslee has exported decision-making to California’s Governor. If you can’t join us, here’s what I’ll be saying (from 6 feet away):

By the end of the year, which will have caused more damage to people’s lives, livelihoods, and liberty: Jay Inslee or COVID-19?


Inslee is almost alone in the country by putting private construction workers out of work. But he kept government construction workers going.

Inslee has hurt hundreds of thousands of families by firing more than half a million people who work in the private sector! But he left government workers untouched.

Inslee closed small businesses, including gun stores. But debt collectors he deemed essential.

Inslee has locked people up in their houses, and is talking about putting surveillance on them.

Inslee has attacked the social fabric of our state and pitted neighbor against neighbor by telling people to call the cops on one another.

Instead of asking churches to social distance and take precautions, Inslee attacked the First Amendment by not letting them congregate.

Inslee is the only Governor in the nation to prohibit fishing.

And just this week Inslee empowered California’s Governor to decide the fate of Washington citizens.

Inslee is acting like a dictator. No politician has unlimited power.

I’m joining my fellow citizens on Sunday to speak out against Jay Inslee’s ever-expanding powers. I believe it is absolutely critical for regular citizens to express their concerns and ask tough questions right now.

This is no time for timidity.

We must challenge our Governor to explain why government construction workers can safely work but private workers cannot? Why California’s Governor reversed himself and deemed gun stores essential but Jay Inslee will not? Why fishing is allowed in 49 states, but he won’t allow it in Washington?

By shutting down the private sector, Jay Inslee has not only shattered the lives of hundreds of thousands of low- and middle-income workers, but he’s destroyed the tax base that generates tax revenue for the government. So the question needs to be asked: when the state’s general fund goes from $55 billion to $40 billion, the biggest reduction in state history, hasn’t Jay Inslee made us less safe and less free?

We need a Governor who understands that safety, liberty, and work are essential. Jay Inslee does not, I do. I firmly believe we can have safety, liberty, and a strong economy.

Let me know whether or not you can join us on Sunday. Hope to see you there (from 6 feet away)

Please do 2 things right now:

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I love you all.