Justice Wiggins’ favorite pedophile arrested in Yakima

by | Oct 21, 2016

 Plenty of justices looked at the circumstances and the law and decided that Michael Budd, convicted on child pornography charges, should not be released.  State supreme court justice Charles Wiggins overruled them and freed the 39-year-old pedophile, knowing that such sexual predators almost always re-offend.  

          In my hometown of Yakima earlier this month, Wiggins’ favorite pedophile was arrested for attempting to solicit sex with a 14-year-old girl.

         When the Seattle Times editorial board recently recommended firing Wiggins from the supreme court, they cited this case as one of his primary offenses:

“In one recent case, a detective investigating a child-pornography case accepted a suspect’s invitation to come into the suspect’s home so a formal consent-to-search authorization could be signed. Wiggins, writing for the majority, found that entering the house to get the paperwork signed amounted to an unlawful warrantless search.  He dismissed the charges.”

          Say what?  The pedophile invited the detective into his home!!  And THAT constitutes an unlawful search?  That’s nuts. 

          Also from the Seattle Times:
“In another case, Wiggins, writing in dissent, argued for dismissing domestic-violence charges because the victim did not show up at trial — ignoring the fact that the batterer had shot at her home, slashed her tires and threatened her from jail.”

          So we have a justice more interested in the rights of pedophiles and wife beaters than their victims.

          Charles Wiggins is an embarrassment and deserves to be removed from office. 

         He and Barbara Madsen and Mary Yu are running for reelection and on the November ballot.  They all feel entitled to their positions and annoyed that they need to defend their indefensible rulings. 

        As we’ve been saying for months, remember in November:

Dave Larson — https://www.larsonforjustice.org/ is challenging incumbent Charles Wiggins (whose top donors are the unions, especially the WEA)

David DeWolf — https://www.dewolfforjustice.org/ is challenging incumbent Mary Yu (whose top donors are the unions, especially the WEA)

Greg Zempel — https://www.zempelforjustice.org/ is challenging incumbent Barbara Madsen (whose top donors are the unions, especially the WEA)

        These judges have gone completely nuts.  If you want to tell them that, feel free:


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