Less than 60 days left for signature drive for $30 Tabs Initiative – go, go, go!

by | Nov 1, 2017

Not since Initiative 695 in 1999 — also a $30 Tabs Initiative — have I seen such overwhelming enthusiasm for one of our initiatives. Supercharging our signature drive is everyone’s SKYROCKETING car tab taxes that are being artificially inflated by being dishonestly calculated by Seattle’s Sound Transit. Every month, hundreds of thousands of vehicle owners get their renewal notices in the mail and they are BRUTALLY high.

People are pissed.

Timing is everything. I’ve never encountered one of our initiatives that has “hit” at a better time.

But signature drives are hard, really hard. The final 60 days are make or break.

I ask everyone to pick up the pace. The deadline is December 29th so for the next eight weeks or so, we need everyone to do their part.

There’s two ways you can help us Bring Back Our $30 Tabs and stick it to Sound Transit:

1) ask for petitions and help collect signatures (collect 1000+ signatures and earn yourself an uber-orange $30 Tabs t-shirt — John Berry and other Ironing Board brigade members who’ve been diligently getting signatures at the Pierce County Annex recently earned them).

2) donate (just think about how much you’ve saved over the years from our other two successful $30 Tabs Initiatives).

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© 2020 Permanent Offense