Lessons learned in 2013; we’re ready for 2014

by | Dec 26, 2013

After 16 years of doing initiatives and fighting for and speaking out on behalf of struggling taxpayers, we’ve learned a lot.  Each year, we identify what works and what doesn’t.  But each battle is extremely difficult — $30 car tabs, 1% property tax cap, performance audits, 2/3 legislative approval or voter approval for tax increases — these victories weren’t easy to achieve.  We spend years researching an initiative idea before we move forward on it.  We talk with fellow activists, supporters, legislators, and lawyers about it.

         We do our homework.

          But the initiatives we sponsor — all of which limit government power — are the toughest of all.  So we’re pushing an extremely heavy rock up a very steep hill.  

          We want all of you to know that we appreciate your hard work, your support, and your faith in us.  We work really hard to push reforms that will make a difference, that will protect taxpayers, and that will keep government on a short leash.  

           It’s incredibly hard, but it’s also incredibly important.  Politicians are always looking for windows of opportunity to raise taxes or limit freedom when the people aren’t watching.  We do our best to keep a bright and steady spotlight on them.

           We ask you to please continue your support in 2014.  Our efforts to protect taxpayers are needed now more than ever.    


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© 2020 Permanent Offense