Let’s go out swingin’: session ends at midnight. Until then, tell Olympia NO!!!!

by | Mar 8, 2018

Now is when our voices must be at their loudest.

In these final hours of this year’s session, tell Olympia no.

No to a capital gains income tax. It’s a Pandora’s box that if opened, will result in an income tax on every taxpayers at every income level. 10 times at the ballot box voters have rejected income taxes — that public sentiment has only been intensified by bills like HB 2967. Tell legislators to reject House Bill 2967.

No to requiring registration, licensing, training, criminal background checks, etc. for people who want to collect signatures for initiatives. The ACLU, Institute for Justice, Shawn Newman, Arthur West, and other attorneys have lambasted Senate Bill 5397 as a blatant attack on the First Amendment and free speech. As Rep. Morgan Irwin said, “This bill is less about signature gatherers and more about strangling the initiative process.” Tell legislators to reject SB 5397.

No to the Democrats’ violation of a recently passed, voter-approved constitutional amendment that requires a 60% legislative vote to raid the state’s rainy day fund. Democrats instead are raiding those revenues with a simple majority (every Republican opposes it, spurring Sen. Phil Fortunato to rip up the state Constitution on the senate floor). It’s like the public records debacle all over again: a Democrat-controlled Legislature does anything it wants because they think the laws and rules and constitution don’t apply to them. Tell legislators to reject the Democrats’ Senate Bill 6614.

Yesterday, on John Carlson’s radio show on 570 KVI, House Republican leader JT Wilcox provided his take. On anti-initiative bill SB 5397, he said “I don’t see that one seeing the light of day.” Both Carlson and Wilcox then spent considerable time complimenting Rep. Morgan Irwin’s leadership and efforts in killing that bill. Deservedly so.

When it came to the capital gains income tax, Wilcox said “I think that’s dead.”

This clearly shows that your activism, your emails, your voices are making a huge difference. I am so proud of what we’re accomplishing together this session. Thank you to all those who’ve helped.

But that doesn’t mean we can coast over the finish line.

Let’s go out swingin’.
Right now, please send an email to all 147 legislators, especially Speaker Frank Chopp, and tell them this or something like this (tell ’em what you think):

No, no, no. Speaker Chopp & other legislators, I say no to bills imposing a capital gains tax, I say no to bills strangling the initiative process, and I say no to the Democrats’ violating the constitution by taking tax money out of the rainy day account with a simple majority. I’m sick and tired of the imperial Legislature acting like the laws, rules, and constitution don’t apply to it. HB 2967: despite all your protestations, you and I know that a capital gains tax is an income tax. That if this Pandora’s box is opened, it will hit every taxpayer at every income level with a full-blown income tax. No. SB 5397: “This bill is less about signature gatherers and more about strangling the initiative process.” Thank you, Rep. Morgan Irwin, for clearly stating the Emperor has no clothes. The initiative process is ours, not yours, leave it alone. SB 6614: the voters overwhelmingly passed a constitutional amendment that clearly said a 60% legislative vote is required to raid the rainy day fund. The Democrat-only vote in the Senate yesterday (and the inevitable Democrat-only vote in the House today) to raid the rainy day fund without the 60% vote completely violates what the voters demanded when they passed that constitutional amendment. Democrat control of the House and Senate this session has resulted in an imperial Legislature that acts like the laws and rules and constitution don’t apply to them. Speaker Chopp and other legislators, in these final hours, I ask you: don’t allow a capital gains tax, SB5397’s attack on the initiative process, or a raid on the rainy day fund to become law.

Subject line: No, no, no. No to HB 2967’s capital gains income tax. No SB 5397’s attack on the initiative process, No to violating the constitution by raiding the rainy day fund without the required 60% legislative majority.

Cut and paste these email addresses into the To line of your email — here’s the 98 House members for the 2018 session:

sherry.appleton@leg.wa.gov; andrew.barkis@leg.wa.gov; steve.bergquist@leg.wa.gov; brian.blake@leg.wa.gov; vincent.buys@leg.wa.gov; michelle.caldier@leg.wa.gov; bruce.chandler@leg.wa.gov; mike.chapman@leg.wa.gov; frank.chopp@leg.wa.gov; judy.clibborn@leg.wa.gov; eileen.cody@leg.wa.gov; cary.condotta@leg.wa.gov; richard.debolt@leg.wa.gov; tom.dent@leg.wa.gov; beth.doglio@leg.wa.gov; laurie.dolan@leg.wa.gov; mary.dye@leg.wa.gov; carolyn.eslick@leg.wa.gov; jake.fey@leg.wa.gov; joe.fitzgibbon@leg.wa.gov; noel.frame@leg.wa.gov; roger.goodman@leg.wa.gov; paul.graves@leg.wa.gov; mia.gregerson@leg.wa.gov; dan.griffey@leg.wa.gov; larry.haler@leg.wa.gov; drew.hansen@leg.wa.gov; mark.hargrove@leg.wa.gov; mark.harmsworth@leg.wa.gov; paul.harris@leg.wa.gov; dave.hayes@leg.wa.gov; jeff.holy@leg.wa.gov; zack.hudgins@leg.wa.gov; morgan.irwin@leg.wa.gov; bill.jenkin@leg.wa.gov; laurie.jinkins@leg.wa.gov; norm.johnson@leg.wa.gov; ruth.kagi@leg.wa.gov; christine.kilduff@leg.wa.gov; steve.kirby@leg.wa.gov; brad.klippert@leg.wa.gov; shelley.kloba@leg.wa.gov; vicki.kraft@leg.wa.gov; joel.kretz@leg.wa.gov; dan.kristiansen@leg.wa.gov; john.lovick@leg.wa.gov; kristine.lytton@leg.wa.gov; drew.macewen@leg.wa.gov; nicole.macri@leg.wa.gov; matt.manweller@leg.wa.gov; jacquelin.maycumber@leg.wa.gov; joan.mcbride@leg.wa.gov; gina.mccabe@leg.wa.gov; bob.mccaslin@leg.wa.gov; joyce.mcdonald@leg.wa.gov; jeff.morris@leg.wa.gov; dick.muri@leg.wa.gov; terry.nealey@leg.wa.gov; ed.orcutt@leg.wa.gov; timm.ormsby@leg.wa.gov; lillian.ortiz-self@leg.wa.gov; tina.orwall@leg.wa.gov; mike.pellicciotti@leg.wa.gov; strom.peterson@leg.wa.gov; eric.pettigrew@leg.wa.gov; liz.pike@leg.wa.gov; gerry.pollet@leg.wa.gov; kristine.reeves@leg.wa.gov; marcus.riccelli@leg.wa.gov; june.robinson@leg.wa.gov; jay.rodne@leg.wa.gov; cindy.ryu@leg.wa.gov; sharontomiko.santos@leg.wa.gov; david.sawyer@leg.wa.gov; joe.schmick@leg.wa.gov; mike.sells@leg.wa.gov; tana.senn@leg.wa.gov; matt.shea@leg.wa.gov; vandana.slatter@leg.wa.gov; norma.smith@leg.wa.gov; larry.springer@leg.wa.gov; melanie.stambaugh@leg.wa.gov; derek.stanford@leg.wa.gov; mike.steele@leg.wa.gov; drew.stokesbary@leg.wa.gov; monica.stonier@leg.wa.gov; pat.sullivan@leg.wa.gov; gael.tarleton@leg.wa.gov; david.taylor@leg.wa.gov; steve.tharinger@leg.wa.gov; javier.valdez@leg.wa.gov; luanne.vanwerven@leg.wa.gov; brandon.vick@leg.wa.gov; mike.volz@leg.wa.gov; jim.walsh@leg.wa.gov; jt.wilcox@leg.wa.gov; sharon.wylie@leg.wa.gov; jesse.young@leg.wa.gov; tim_eyman@comcast.net

Send a separate email for the Senate — here’s the 49 senators for the 2018 session:

jan.angel@leg.wa.gov; barbara.bailey@leg.wa.gov; michael.baumgartner@leg.wa.gov; randi.becker@leg.wa.gov; andy.billig@leg.wa.gov; john.braun@leg.wa.gov; sharon.brown@leg.wa.gov; reuven.carlyle@leg.wa.gov; maralyn.chase@leg.wa.gov; annette.cleveland@leg.wa.gov; steve.conway@leg.wa.gov; j.darneille@leg.wa.gov; jeannie.darneille@leg.wa.gov; manka.dhingra@leg.wa.gov; doug.ericksen@leg.wa.gov; joe.fain@leg.wa.gov; phil.fortunato@leg.wa.gov; david.frockt@leg.wa.gov; bob.hasegawa@leg.wa.gov; brad.hawkins@leg.wa.gov; steve.hobbs@leg.wa.gov; jim.honeyford@leg.wa.gov; sam.hunt@leg.wa.gov; karen.keiser@leg.wa.gov; curtis.king@leg.wa.gov; patty.kuderer@leg.wa.gov; marko.liias@leg.wa.gov; john.mccoy@leg.wa.gov; mark.miloscia@leg.wa.gov; mark.mullet@leg.wa.gov; sharon.nelson@leg.wa.gov; steve.oban@leg.wa.gov; mike.padden@leg.wa.gov; guy.palumbo@leg.wa.gov; jamie.pedersen@leg.wa.gov; kevin.ranker@leg.wa.gov; ann.rivers@leg.wa.gov; christine.rolfes@leg.wa.gov; rebecca.saldana@leg.wa.gov; mark.schoesler@leg.wa.gov; timothy.sheldon@leg.wa.gov; shelly.short@leg.wa.gov; dean.takko@leg.wa.gov; kevin.vandewege@leg.wa.gov; keith.wagoner@leg.wa.gov; maureen.walsh@leg.wa.gov; judy.warnick@leg.wa.gov; lisa.wellman@leg.wa.gov; lynda.wilson@leg.wa.gov; hans.zeiger@leg.wa.gov; cyrus.habib@ltgov.wa.gov; ltgov@ltgov.wa.gov; tim_eyman@comcast.net

Sending these 2 emails will really help — BUT IT’S ONLY EFFECTIVE IF WE ALL DO IT. If you have any problem, just email me the message you want sent, and I’ll forward it to all legislators (and I’ll cc you). OK?

“All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.”
After 20 years of fighting for taxpayers, we’ve learned that the most effective way to fight the Democrats’ tax-hiking schemes is by taking our case directly to the people. That’s why we’re moving full steam ahead with We Don’t Want An Income Tax. It prohibits the state and local governments from imposing any kind of income tax, especially a capital gains income tax.

Jack, Mike, and I are committed to protecting taxpayers. But we can’t do it alone. We need everyone’s help.

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