Like All Bullies, Jay Inslee Is Weak And Insecure

by | Jun 26, 2020

Like all bullies, Jay Inslee is weak and insecure.

Jay Inslee took $5 million from taxpayers to run for President. He loved the attention it brought him, especially the fawning media coverage. But after months and months of spending other people’s money (taxpayer money and donor money), he learned that 0% of his fellow Democrats wanted him to be President. This was deeply embarrassing to him — he was publicly humiliated by his poor showing and so he had to bring himself back into the limelight. So he went with a consolation prize — he announced he’d run for a 3rd term. When asked if he won would he take another job if one was offered, the ambulance chaser gave a lawyerly, weasel-worded response: “I have every intention of serving my time.”

Jay Inslee still have his eyes on returning to DC. He’s too important for petty things like distributing unemployment payments to the unwashed masses — he’s too busy tweeting about the President. He’ll let a wealthy Obama fundraiser handle such dreariness — no way he’ll fire her — she’s an insider with the DC crowd and will help him move up the ladder.

When 6 blocks got overrun by people who wanted to secede from America, Inslee said “that’s news to me.”

But when the President commented on it, Inslee leaped into action — not fixing the problem — but doing a tweet attack.

When riots hit Seattle, Inslee sent in 200 members of the National Guard — UNARMED. And what was their assignment? Directing traffic.

He didn’t care — it’s not his problem. He’s got more important priorities: like going on Bernie Sanders TV show! He had a chance to get back together with an equal – another candidate for President. In that controlled environment, Inslee let loose, admitting that he was going to exploit the crisis in order to push his green schemes.

I had a lot of problems with 8 years of Chris Gregoire, but she was a normal Democrat.

I had issues with 8 years of Gary Locke, but he was a normal Democrat.

Jay Inslee — I can’t even call him a Democrat because he’s so off the rails.

The South Dakota Governor never shut down her state. She said she looked at the Constitution and didn’t see anything in there that gave her the power to shut down a private business. She said she’d rely on South Dakotans common sense and personal responsibility. She said she found greater compliance with her recommendations by treating citizens like adults.

Inslee created a snitch list, Inslee declared his donors’ essential and non-donors non-essential, Inslee imposed $10K fines on the “non-compliant” by Labor & Industries, sent in SWAT teams and health officials, and ordered the liquor control board to leave no doubt who had the power.

That kind of obnoxious bullying shows us that Jay Inslee is weak and insecure like all bullies are.

I can’t stand bullies. Never have. Bullies are cowards and they prey on the weak. 

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