Listen to legislators who listened to the voters and acted

by | Jan 16, 2017

As we announced last week, the Senate Majority Coalition Caucus added to its formal rules a requirement that any tax increase receive a 2/3 vote.  It’s an incredible victory for taxpayers.  On the senate floor, the Democrats tried (and failed) to take it away.  Here’s 2 very short floor speeches that will make you stand up and cheer:

Republican senator Doug Ericksen from Ferndale:  “The fundamental core principle that the voters of Washington have said over and over and over again, in the vast majority of our districts by huge majorities, that they want extra protection before we as a legislative body reach into their bank account and give it to somebody else.  It is a protection they want and deserve.”

Republican senator Mike Baumgartner from Spokane:  “I want to congratulate the people of the state of Washington for enabling the senate to adopt its own rules to protect the voters.  Good job!”

         Sen. Baumgartner followed up later that day from Twitter:

 Michael Baumgartner ‏@VoteBaumgartner

Shoutout to Tim Eyman, and more importantly his supporters, for the steadfast advocacy for the 2/3 tax rule protection in the Senate. #waleg

Michael Baumgartner added,

I can think of no better Republican response to Inslee’s tax increase SOS than the Sen 2/3 tax protection rule we passed today. #waleg


       Thank you all for making the 2/3-for-any-tax-increase senate rule a reality.  It only happened because of your support and voter approval for our initiatives 960, 1053, 1185, and especially 1366.  I’m so proud of all of you for helping install this extra protection for the taxpayers during this year’s legislative session.

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