Look At These 2 Pictures At The Official Bill Signing For $27 Billion In New Taxes – OPEN DEFIANCE!

by | Jun 4, 2019

Look closely at these 2 pictures:

That’s what we need – folks with the courage to openly and defiantly oppose Inslee’s $27 billion in new taxes. Those are store owners standing behind Inslee at the official bill signing!!

Ballsy move.  

And when one of them told Inslee she was gonna lose her job because of it, Inslee told her to file a lawsuit.


A 20-year-old is supposed to hire a lawyer and sue the government?

I just don’t think politicians like Inslee understand how angry people are.

11 tax increases? $27 billion in new taxes? At a time when the government had a $3.5 billion tax surplus?

It’s just infuriating.   

That’s why Initiative 1648 is spreading like wildfire. That’s why folks are emailing me and calling me asking for petitions. That’s why the Facebook page Washington for I1648 just hit 5900 members!