Lots happening this week regarding I-1366 — here’s the scoop

by | Jan 18, 2016

For 2 1/2 years, we’ve worked on what has become voter-approved I-1366.  All that groundwork has led us to what’s happening this week:

*  Tomorrow (Tuesday) at 9 am in King County Superior Court will be us and the Attorney General beating back 1366 opponents’ sore losers’ lawsuit.  Opponents’ arguments against 1366 are pathetically weak (they’re relying on our promotional materials — truly pathetic — while the AG and we are focusing on the initiative’s text and voters pamphlet information). 

Here’s the AG’s brief:  http://voterswantmorechoices.com/AGdefends1366.pdf

Here’s our attorney’s brief:  http://voterswantmorechoices.com/Sponsorsdefend1366.pdf

      On Wednesday, we will give you a report on how it went.

*  Numerous I-1366 implementation bills have been introduced by legislators in Olympia.  This Thursday at 10 am, the Senate Government Operations Committee is having a hearing on them (Cherberg Building, Hearing Room 1).  This is great, great progress.

     On Friday, we will let you know how that hearing went.

*   We’re moving full steam ahead with our initiative for 2016.  It’s called “Tougher to Raise Taxes” and it puts a one-year time limit on any tax increase and requires any fee increase to be put in a bill and be passed and approved by a majority vote in both the House and Senate.  In other words, it prohibits auto-pilot, forever tax increases and prohibits state agencies from unilaterally imposing higher fees.  

      Today’s Tacoma News Tribune shows why all our taxpayer protection efforts are necessary:  “In an election year, passing what would probably be the largest tax increase in state history is probably not a viable strategy for either party.”

      So we’re being set up for the largest tax increase in state history.  We must work really hard this year to protect ourselves now and in the future.  Olympia has an insatiable tax appetite and our efforts are the only thing taxpayers can count on. 

       We need your financial support to continue to win these battles on behalf of taxpayers.  Please make a donation today.  With your help and support, we will succeed.