LOTS OF STUFF: Mailing Advice, Keep Getting Sigs, Last Dash On Friday, FINISH STRONG!

by | Jul 1, 2019


2 options to mailing in petitions/signatures (fold petition, put it, and a donation if u can, in envelope and mail to):

Option 1: PERMANENT OFFENSE, PO BOX 6151, OLYMPIA, WA, 98507 (we will be picking up Friday’s mail from the box, processing it, and including it at turn-in)

Option 2: SECRETARY OF STATE, 520 UNION AVE SE, OLYMPIA, WA, 98501 (they’ve got street address so if FEDEX or UPS or delivered yourself in person, then best to go w/ option 2)

Mail gets delivered faster if our address IS TYPE-WRITTEN on the envelope (hand writing gets processed manually so slower)


This is not a marathon, it’s an all-out sprint ’til the end. Today is a great day to get signatures. So is Tues and Wed. 

INDEPENDENCE DAY!  You bet we want/need you getting signatures that day.  Every day this week is critical.


We need folks all across Washington state to volunteer to pick up petitions and deliver to drop spots. If you’re willing, just hit reply to this email and let me know your name, phone number, and city you live at and I’ll forward it to our team.   

I’m vacuuming up petitions along I-5 on Friday morning.  Cary Condotta is working 405. Mike is doing I-90 and folks across WA are working on eastside.


The entire 1648 team invites you to join us. Tons of 1648 foot soldiers will be there too. Lots of high fives, handshakes, and hugs. Be part of history. Location: Secretary of State’s office, 520 Union Ave SE, Olympia. Our turn-in appointment with the Secretary of State is at 2pm. But all the way til 5 pm, we’ll be rallying there and turning in

We are going to push and push and push until the very last minute.


1648 puts those dirty dog politicians on a short leash. It expires $27 billion in new taxes on December 5 (section 2, subsection 2) and expires future tax hikes after one year (section 2, subsection 1).