Majority Coalition in Senate shows it can be done: no new taxes

by | Apr 4, 2013

They had $2 billion more to spend so it’s not like the Majority Coalition in the Senate split the atom.  Nonetheless, their no-new-taxes budget sure makes it hard on the tax raisers to say that new taxes are necessary. 

Now it’s the Dems’ Move – A Bipartisan Budget in the Senate Throws Things for a Loop


04/04/2013  | 1 COMMENT

Despite carping from some Dems, it seems the budget proposal released Wednesday in the Senate really is a bipartisan document, written by both Ds and Rs. And that throws the old playbook out the window. There aren’t any taxes, to be sure, but the Senate Ds got plenty of other stuff. And as the House Democrats gear up to present a budget of their own, presumably with new taxes and higher spending, it makes it harder for critics to say the Senate plan is extreme.