Meet The 3 People Who Defied Inslee’s Stay-At-Home Order Today — And Saved Countless Lives!!

by | Apr 23, 2020

This is courage:

That’s Tonya Fenton, Tricia Woods, and Fred Binschus.

They drove down to Olympia this morning from Mount Vernon.

They spoke for around 10 minutes.

Their stories were gut-wrenching.

When Tonya teared up, you felt for her.

When Tricia choked up, you couldn’t turn away.

And when Fred talked about his wife Julie and how she treated him like royalty during their 28 year marriage and how she was brutally murdered, you just couldn’t believe his strength.

Plenty of politicians spoke before them but no one who was there will ever remember anything they said.

Tonya, Tricia, and Fred, thank you for telling your stories because I believe they played a role in this afternoon’s razor-thin ruling by the state supreme court.

Here’s a news story that provides background (“Supreme Court to Decide if Inmates Should be Released”):

I wrote about it this morning:

The 11,000 criminals who were to be released included Isaac Zamora who murdered Julie Binschus (and many others) and repeatedly shot and almost killed Fred.

Zamora had been sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

But once this dangerous lawsuit was filed, Tonya, Tricia, and Fred were given 2 hours to write a victim’s response. And every minute, every hour, and every day since then, these 3 people faced the fear of this murderer following through on his stated promise to come back and finish the job on them.

After these 3 brave people spoke, the supreme court held a “virtual” hearing starting at 9:00 am.

The Seattle Times reported that late this afternoon, the supreme court ruled 5-4 to keep the criminals in jail.


5 justices decided criminals should stay in jail.

4 justices ruled that 11,000 criminals, including Isaac Zamora, should be released.

All it would’ve taken is one more justice to vote the other way and Isaac Zamora would be free.

Tonya, Tricia, and Fred felt compelled to do everything in their power to fight back against this potential injustice.

So they got in their car and drove to Olympia to speak out.

In so doing, they defied Jay Inslee’s stay-at-home order.

But by doing so, these 3 brave people saved countless lives.

What’s scarier than COVID-19?

7 million citizens allowing a condescending, clueless politician to bully them from exercising their rights.

We all face dangers every day. So we constantly weigh risks and make choices.

We cannot let fear rule our lives.

We are in the middle of a disturbing, unprecedented power-grab that is being imposed on us by one person.

It is clear Jay Inslee will continue to bully and browbeat citizens for their “insubordination.”

It is his nature (

And when he does that, let us draw strength from Tonya, Tricia, and Fred.

Their strength and courage should be an inspiration to us all.

Safety, liberty, and a strong economy — I’m committed to all three.

By November, it will be clear Jay Inslee failed us on all three.