Mega-victories in final budget deal — what’s NOT in it is our biggest success

by | Jun 29, 2017

NO new income tax.  NO new capital gains tax.  NO new carbon tax.  NO increases in business taxes.  And despite a full-court press by local governments and their lobbyists, our 1% property tax cap survived (our Property Tax Fairness Initiative I-1550 was instrumental in beating back their attack on the 1% cap). 

 The final budget deal is a mega-victory for taxpayers.

         With tax-obsessed Jay Inslee as Governor and tax-salivating Democrats in charge of the House, our legislative successes aren’t measured by what proposals are passed but are instead measured by what proposals are blocked.  In this case, in the face of non-stop pressure by Inslee and the Dems to impose an income tax, capital gains tax, carbon tax, and business taxes, we worked really hard over the past six months and our efforts paid off:  the GOP stopped them all. 

         Having the Republicans and Democrat Tim Sheldon in control of the senate was hugely beneficial to the taxpayers of Washington (let’s keep the GOP in control by electing JinYoung Englund as the new state senator for the 45th district in November — her opponent Manka Dhingra is just another Seattle Democrat obsessed with raising taxes, especially an income tax).

         For the general fund this year, Democrats insisted on raising taxes and even the increases they got in the final budget are less bad than they could have been.

        The final watered-down levy swap lowers property taxes for most property owners.  And tax revenue generated from  applying the sales tax to internet purchases will be used to give Washington state manufacturers Boeing’s tax rate. 

        If Democrats controlled all 3 branches of government, this final budget deal would be packed with tax hikes.  We’d be facing a budget with a new income tax, a new capital gains tax, a new carbon tax, and new business taxes.  And those Democrat tax increases would never be used to reduce other taxes, they’d only be used for unsustainable spending. 

       Democrat legislators just can’t be trusted.  They have no self-control, no self-restraint, no fiscal discipline.  They are like kids at the candy store, they know no limits.  They need parental supervision that only the Republican controlled senate can provide (backed by our initiatives and our efforts). 

       So don’t just look at what’s included, look at what’s excluded to recognize the tremendous victory that taxpayers scored with this final budget deal.  

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