Message to county officials: “Your voters need you to fight back against the tyranny of one city.” Seattle and AG colluding to take away our vote.

by | Nov 20, 2019

This email was just sent to the county officials representing the pro-976 counties:

Voters in your county voted overwhelmingly for Initiative 976 and they need your help. Voters have emailed you and asked / urged you to assist them. Please respond to their call.

Seattle government’s motion for a preliminary injunction on I-976 was filed this week and is scheduled to be heard this Tuesday, Nov 26 at 9:00am before King County Judge Marshall Ferguson (how can a judge whose employer is the plaintiff be unbiased?). In two days, reply briefs are due (Fri, Nov 22). A change of venue motion to a non-plaintiff county is essential but this AG’s office confirms it will not file such a motion nor will it file an affidavit of prejudice removing this judge from this case despite his obvious conflict (again, King County government is one of the plaintiffs and it employs this judge). 

If any of you plan to intervene, please let me know. As of now, it is only Bob Ferguson representing the voters who overwhelmingly passed I-976 in your counties – your voters really need your help. Bob Ferguson is aggressively defending Sound Transit’s dishonest vehicle tax and its’ valuation schedule and so is advising DOL to ignore the provisions in I-976 that affect Sound Transit. Despite his many conflicts, Ferguson refuses to recuse and name outside counsel – he’s desperate to stay on so he can sabotage I-976 from the inside (how can any asst AG not know their career depends on fulfilling their boss’ true desires?).

You were elected to advocate and defend the interests of the citizens in your county. Your people need your assistance. You can help them by directing your salaried in-house lawyers to intervene and defend the people’s vote (if Seattle and King County can use their in-house attorneys to attack your voters, you can use your in-house lawyers to defend your voters). It costs you nothing to protect your people from this gross injustice.

Your constituents are looking to you for representation and leadership. Your people are watching Seattle, King County, and this AG collude to take away the tax relief your constituents just voted for, earned, and deserve.

In closing, please instruct law enforcement in your counties to issue only warnings to vehicle owners with expired tabs after Dec 5. The taxpayers of Washington refuse to pay taxes and fees they just voted to repeal. Civil disobedience is essential when one tyrannical city tries to take away our vote and our right to self determination.

Government cannot function without the consent of the governed – and here, the governed made clear we do not consent to the tyranny of Seattle.

— END —

I’m going to Sound Transit’s board meeting tomorrow (Thurs, Nov 21, 1:30pm, 401 S Jackson St, Seattle). The time for public comment at this rigged event is at the beginning but the overwhelming passage of I-976 outside Seattle was the public’s comment. So regardless of how many Seattle crazies they bus in and pack the room with tomorrow, the people outside Seattle with their vote on I-976 clearly repudiated Sound Transit.

The voters in the 36 counties outside the Puget Sound voted on average 58% yes on I-976 (many above 70%). Pierce County voters overwhelmingly rejected Sound Transit (even the Tacoma News Tribune had to admit the truth: “At last, local residents had their chance to exact revenge against Sound Transit, three years after feeling steamrolled by ST3 … the results in Pierce County stood at an overwhelming 67% … that’s not a wave; it’s a tsunami.”). Snohomish County voters also repudiated their ST3 vote (Everett Herald: I-976 proves hit in all corners of the county. Voters in all but one city are erasing a vehicle excise tax Sound Transit is using to fund extension of light rail service to Everett. The measure is ahead within the boundaries of Sound Transit in Snohomish County where in 2016 voters backed the $54 billion light rail expansion plan known as ST3 and its suite of tax hikes to carry it out. In Lynnwood, voters were solidly behind ST3. Now, I-976 is passing with 58.5% in spite of repeated warning by initiative opponents that it would likely delay getting train service north of the city. Everett voters were evenly divided on ST3 but are enthusiastically embracing the initiative with 61.2% support. “It’s just a wholesale repudiation of the ST3 vote because now the voters know the truth,” said initiative sponsor Tim Eyman who made surging Sound Transit vehicle fees a central tenet of his campaign. Everett Mayor Cassie Franklin played an active role in the campaign against the initiative, even appearing in one of its television ads. She had stressed its passage would eliminate a source of money for light rail. “I can’t tell you I’m not incredibly sad about what happened.” And King County’s vote on I-976 was completely skewed by the nearly 80% no vote by high turnout Seattle voters (for example, all South King County cities voted yes on I-976).

As the Everett Herald’s Jerry Cornfield wrote on October 17:

Does Sound Transit realize the consequences of this do-over?

Pass or fail, Initiative 976 is a reminder of what critics most dislike about the regional agency.

It’s now abundantly clear that Seattle supports Sound Transit and non-Seattle voters do not. Pierce County absolutely despises Sound Transit, Snohomish County loathes Sound Transit, and non-Seattle King County has soured on Sound Transit. There is no statewide support for Sound Transit – there is no regional support for Sound Transit – it is only Seattle’s Sound Transit.