Monday announce 2017 initiative – yesterday at Roanoke conference

by | Jan 29, 2017

Roanoke conference at Ocean Shores — panel discussion on taxes: 

That’s new state treasurer Duane Davidson, Sen. Slade Gordon, me, Rep. Drew Stokesbary, Majority Coalition Caucus Leader Sen. Mark Schoelser, and 570 KVI’s Kirby Wilbur

Toward the middle of the discussion, Kirby asked each of us “If you could change one thing about our state’s taxes, what would you want done?” 

Sen. Slade Gorton said “I’ll leave that to the legislature decide that.” 

I was next, smiled, and quickly replied:  “I won’t.”

I then said I’d have to defer answering the question, because Monday’s announcement of our initiative for 2017 will make very clear what changes we want.

I went on from there and reminded the audience of activists and officials that the people have every right to change our tax system too.  That it was the voters who passed lower car tab taxes, limits on property taxes, and the 2/3 vote requirement for raising taxes.  We didn’t get those protections by waiting around for the legislature to do those things, we did them ourselves and the voters agreed with us.

         It was a great discussion, a great conference, filled with great people who are all doing the same thing Jack, Mike, and I are striving to do:  trying to make a difference.  To be of service to something bigger than ourselves.  

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s announcement.  Let us know what you think of it.

       You can count on us to fight against state and local government’s insatiable tax appetite.  The voters’ passage of our Initiative 1366 certainly shows that the people are in no mood for any tax hikes, let alone Inslee’s increases totaling $5.5 billion (

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