Monday’s Hearing On Dems’ Income Tax Bill Spurs Mon Launch Of “We Don’t Want Income Tax Initiative”

by | Mar 26, 2019

Let’s toss the idea of an income tax in our state once and for all. 

Yes, that’s me 32 years ago tossing a guy twice my size at a WAZZU fraternity event. It’s a perfect metaphor for what we can do together:

Let’s toss the Democrats’ Holy Grail: An Income Tax in Washington state.

Knowing that Inslee and the Democrats had the votes this session to jam an income tax down our throats, I filed the “We Don’t Want An Income Tax Initiative” in January. 

Here’s the official description: Initiative 1650 concerns state and local taxes. This measure would prohibit state and local governments from imposing any tax on personal income, whether net, gross, or adjusted gross income, capital gains income, or any other portion, or type of income. Should this measure be enacted into law Yes [ ] No [ ]

And here’s the complete text for I-1650:

This Monday in Olympia, we’re launching the signature drive to qualify I-1650 for the November ballot (it’s the same day the Democrats have a hearing on their capital gain income tax bill). Deadline is July 5. So we’ll have 96 days to get 259,622 voter signatures.

What has to happen for this to succeed? For the Democrats to do exactly what they plan to do: impose an income tax. What’s the only thing that will stop us? The Democrats not imposing an income tax this session.

They are the wind beneath my wings.

And the Democrats’ proposed income tax — a capital gains income tax — is the perfect gateway drug for an income tax on all of us.

Just like cancer, it will metastasize.

Once they pass it, there are only two options to overturn it:  

1)  Ask the voters to toss it by passing I-1650, or
2)  Ask the judiciary to toss it with a lawsuit.

I-1650 not only guarantees a quick political execution, but it also stops the Democrats’ Plan B, Plan C, etc.   

In December, Inslee said: “I feel very confident this will pass constitutional muster.” He’s got the 9 judges on the Seattle Supreme Court on speed dial — do we really wanna trust them to save the day? 

Why spend years in court relying on political judges when I-1650 offers a quick political execution? 

Don’t get me wrong: I’m not saying it’s gonna be easy. Qualifying initiatives is tough. Look at our $30 Tabs Initiative — it took me and Karen selling off our family’s retirement fund and loaning $500,000 to the signature drive to put us in a position to qualify it.

It won’t be easy — but it is the best way to toss the idea of an Income Tax in Washington state. 

If you support this effort, please donate:

Petitions for I-1650 will be ready on Monday.

We’re also working hard to qualify our Give Them Nothing referendum for a public vote (R-80 lets the voters decide on massive salary bonuses for politicians). We’ve got 43 days left until May 7 deadline.