Monroe Fair from now til Labor Day — sign petitions for $30 Tabs Initiative at GOP fair booth — we love the Snohomish County GOP superstars Debbie Blodgett and Olga Farnam!

by | Aug 24, 2018

First day at Monroe Fair — GOP fills 12 petitions sheets!!


Fairs are fun

I live in Mukilteo so trekking over to the Evergreen State Fair in Monroe is pretty darn easy. So I’ll be there as often as I can. But no matter what, make sure to swing by the Snohomish County GOP booth and sign our petitions for $30 Tabs Initiative.

99% of fair attendees like me — here’s a story about one of the 1%

One of my fondest memories was at last year’s Monroe Fair. It was a normal day and me and a handful of volunteers at the GOP booth were all being super nice, smiling, and friendly. Folks strolling by were in a happy mood. But one guy — he was kinda tall around 50 years old — rounded the corner and walked by our booth holding hands with what looked like his 5 year old son. The guy looked over, saw me, and without hesitation and without breaking stride went on a rant: “Eyman, you’re destroying our state, I hate you, you’re awful.” The more he went off, the more I smiled, saying “Sir, you are awesome, you’re making my day.” He kept going, walking and ranting until finally, as he approached the end of the booth, he leaned in and yelled at the top of his lungs “F— YOU!!” and walked away with his son still in tow. At this point, all of us were laughing and high-fiving one another. After that, I stayed a couple extra hours than I had planned because the whole thing was so invigorating and funny. We told that story for days.

That’s the kind of fun you can have working at the GOP booth (they need more volunteers from now till Labor Day — email Debbie or Olga).

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