My trip to Bellingham yesterday — $30 Tabs Initiative pushed at Western WA Univ

by | Oct 13, 2017

Yesterday I drove up to Bellingham for the day. One of the best state senators we have in the Majority Coalition Caucus is Sen. Doug Ericksen. He was having a town hall at Western WA Univ and I went there to support him and push our $30 Tabs Initiative.

I met some fantastic people who were eager to sign our $30 Tabs petitions.

Sen. Ericksen did a great job (Q&A went from 7-9:20 pm).

It was a really big crowd.

It was great to talk with friends like Terry Cox and Karl Uppiano, the Chair and Vice Chair for the Whatcom County GOP.

One of the highlights for me was afterward: as I was walking out of the building, a young woman named Katlyn (sp?) who was one of the protesters at the town hall, got my attention as I walked by and said “Mr. Eyman, you were in my 8th grade history book about Washington and it’s pretty cool to see you in person.” We talked briefly in front of her fellow protester friends who seemed taken aback by our friendly exchange. She couldn’t have been nicer and we got this pic together. I thought that was really neat of her to reach out like that — we obviously disagree about issues but it was great that we could both be civil with one another. Gives me hope.

I was able to ask a question at the town hall. I said I was there to support Sen. Ericksen in his ongoing effort to make it tougher to raise taxes with a 2/3-vote-for-taxes constitutional amendment. I said “All of us in this room may disagree with one another on some issues, but it’s important to remember that we’re all taxpayers. And there’s no decision that government makes that has a greater impact on our lives than the power to tax.” At one point in his response, I remember Senator Ericksen saying “you all work hard for the money you earn, I think it oughta be tough for the government to take it away.” Pitch perfect.

My trip to and from Bellingham yesterday was exhausting but productive.

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