Nearly 70% of voters rejected tax increases imposed by the 2017 Legislature

by | Nov 8, 2017

The 2017 Legislature imposed several tax increases. Thanks to voters approving our initiatives in 2007, 2010, 2012, & 2015, voters last night had the right to vote on this year’s crop of tax increases.

And they rejected all of them:

* 58% of voters on Tuesday rejected House Bill 1597 which imposes new taxes on commercial fishing — costs taxpayers $546,000.

* 65% of voters rejected House Bill 2163 which imposes higher taxes on bottled water, self-produced fuel, and internet purchases — costs taxpayers $4.6 billion.

* 62% of voters rejected House Bill 2242 which imposes higher property taxes — costs taxpayers $12.9 billion.

Voters have repeatedly insisted that tax increases must garner 2/3 support in the House and Senate. None of the 2017 tax increases got that. So it should come as no surprise that voters rejected all of them. If Olympia’s politicians can’t reach legislative consensus for a tax increase, voters have no confidence that the tax increase was the last resort.

Democrats now control the state senate 25-24. But 19 of those 25 Democrats were elected in legislative districts where an overwhelming majority of voters strongly oppose tax increases.

Democrats control the state house 50-48. But 40 of those 50 Democrats have a huge majority of constituents who strongly oppose tax increases.

Jay Inslee is a tax-obsessed governor so he’s a lost cause. But 19 Democrat senators and 40 Democrat house members are not. You can count on us to keep the pressure on those swing-district Dems.

Stopping next year’s Democrat-controlled Legislature from raising taxes is a huge priority for us. One suburban senate seat going from red to blue does not mean voters suddenly want higher taxes. Last night’s results from the tax advisory votes show that.

And always remember that the initiative process stands ready to defend the taxpayers if/when the Democrats go tax-crazy next year. We stand ready to use our constitutional rights to fight back.
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