New Initiative 976 is OUR LAST CHANCE to stop skyrocketing car tab taxes

“Whatever happened to our $30 car tabs?”

We’ve heard that for years from struggling taxpayers all across our state. Other than an income tax, car tab taxes are the most radioactive tax in Washington. That’s because voters have repeatedly said they hated ’em.

Voters made it crystal clear that they hate high car tab taxes at the state level when they passed our $30 car tabs initiative in 1999.

Voters made it crystal clear that they hate high car tab taxes at the local level when they passed our second $30 car tabs initiative in 2002.

Those two initiatives have saved taxpayers billions of dollars over the past 19 years.

But state and local governments keep disrespecting the people by jacking up car tab taxes over and over again. That’s caused car tab taxes to skyrocket in recent years for vehicle owners all over Washington.

Folks are furious about it and so they’ve been telling politicians to do something about it.

But despite unprecedented taxpayer complaints to lawmakers, during the 2017 legislative session, politicians didn’t pass anything. During this year’s legislative session, Democrats promised a pathetic, miniscule adjustment AND COULDN’T EVEN PASS THAT.

Is it any wonder, then, that there’s such overwhelming voter support for bringing back our $30 car tabs?

This kind of strong voter support is obviously very encouraging.

But we illustrated last year that getting an initiative — even an initiative with this much public support — qualified is hard. It’s really hard. Collecting 350,000 is a Herculean task. Last year, we failed to reach that with just our volunteers.

So this year, we’re already using professional circulators and they’re all across the state collecting signatures right now.

And not surprisingly, they’re saying that everyone wants to sign. So the challenge we face isn’t getting the signatures, it is raising the additional funds necessary to pay for their collection.

We’re incredibly well positioned to qualify Initiative 976. We’ve already got half the money we need — we just need to raise the other half as soon as possible. Having $500,000 now has really put big booster rockets on our signature drive. It’s REALLY helping.

But even with that start-up money, we’ve got a long way to go to raise the other $500K.

I really think this is our last chance to stop skyrocketing car tab taxes. Politicians at the state and local level have illustrated that they’ll never do anything to lower car tab taxes. And unless the people fight back now, state and local politicians are just gonna continue imposing higher and higher taxes.

We’ve gotta take a stand here and now.

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