NEW INITIATIVE: Bring Back Our $30 Tabs — let’s stick it to Sound Transit

by | Jul 11, 2017

 In 1999, voters overwhelmingly passed Initiative 695 demanding $30 tabs.  

        In 2002, voters overwhelmingly passed Initiative 776 demanding $30 tabs. 

       But ever since then, state and local governments have jacked up taxes and fees on vehicles to the point that car tabs are skyrocketing to pre-695 levels.

      Worst of all, Sound Transit lied repeatedly last year when it came to the cost and the calculation of car tab taxes.  For months this year, vehicle owners have been screaming at legislators for relief.  But Sound Transit and Democrats in Olympia have refused to support any of the Republican bills to actually fix the problem. 

       So we will. 

      Barnacles have grown on our $30 tabs and it’s time to scrape ’em off.  That’s what our new initiative does:

  • It gets rid of vehicle weight fees imposed by state government

  • It gets rid of vehicle fees imposed by cities (transportation benefit districts or TBDs)

  • And the biggie:  It gets rid of all car tab taxes imposed by Sound Transit.

       Everyone in the state of Washington is entitled to a flat, fair, reasonable $30 annual fee to license their vehicle.  We already get gouged with a massive sales tax when we buy a vehicle and a huge gas tax when we use a vehicle.  It’s not fair for taxpayers to be gouged a 3rd time with outrageously expensive license fees just for owning a vehicle.  

       And taxpayers all over the state should take enormous satisfaction that this initiative really sticks it to Sound Transit.  They lied to the Legislature in 2015, promising a $15 billion tax package but instead inflated it to a $54 billion tax package.  They lied to voters in 2016 about the cost and the calculation of car tab taxes.  Voters are shocked by their jaw-droppingly high car tabs because Sound Transit lied.  And when government agencies lie, and get away with it, it only spurs other governments to do the same thing.  Our initiative gives voters across the state the chance to reconsider their support for Sound Transit.  

      We have 6 months — July, Aug, Sept, Oct, Nov, and Dec — to collect enough signatures to qualify.  The deadline is December 31st.  We’re printing up petitions today — they’ll be mailed out to everyone by Friday.  Below is the petition.
(IMPORTANT:  it needs to be printed on 11″x17″ paper):    

You can see the petition’s front & back by clicking here:

You read the complete text by clicking here:

           The anger and frustration that everyone feels about skyrocketing car tab taxes has reached a fever pitch.

            I certainly expressed that (and a lot more) in front of the Sound Transit Board last March:  

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