New initiative campaign launched today: Bring Back Our $30 Car Tabs

by | Feb 8, 2016

State and local governments repeatedly ignore the will of the people.  No where is that more evident than the disappearance of our $30 car tabs.  Consistently, it’s the #1 question we get asked:  “Whatever happened to our $30 car tabs?”

        Our anger and frustration with government arrogance and incompetence has reached a boiling point.  It’s time to strike back.

        Initiative 1421 is called “Bring Back Our $30 Car Tabs” and it is a referendum on government arrogance and incompetence. 

         Under our new initiative, every vehicle owner will pay no more than $30 per year to license their car, pick-up, motorcycle, motor home, or other vehicle, regardless of year, value, make, or model.  Our initiative gets rid of all state and local government taxes and fees that inflate your vehicle’s yearly license fee above $30.  $30 means $30 under Initiative 1421.  

         State and local politicians are going to squeal like stuck pigs because they’re gonna say they’re relying on those car tab taxes and fees to fund this and that.  But they’ve known for decades that car tab taxes are hated and despised.  And they’ve seen voters repeatedly pass our $30 car tabs initiatives and they’ve seen voters repeatedly reject higher car tab taxes at the ballot box.  And yet here they are imposing them and spending them anyway.  They’re the ones building castles on quicksand by funding their boondoggles with a radioactive revenue source.  

       Nowhere is this more evident than with Seattle-centric Sound Transit.

       Seattle-centric Sound Transit is, by far, the most arrogant, unaccountable government agency in our state’s history.  They’re forcing taxpayers outside Seattle to pay for their multi-billion dollar choo choo train boondoggles in Seattle.  Seattle-centric Sound Transit is a multi-billion-dollar black hole for our tax dollars and needs to be held accountable for their arrogance and incompetence.  Bring Back Our $30 Car Tabs gets rid of car tab taxes currently being imposed by Seattle-centric Sound Transit.

        In addition, Seattle-centric Sound Transit is going to try to impose $15-$25 billion in additional taxes this year — our initiative derails that.  Bring Back Our $30 Car Tabs throws a much needed monkey wrench into what they’re calling “ST3.”  

         If you want your $30 car tabs back, support our initiative.  If you want to derail Seattle-centric Sound Transit, support our initiative.  If you hate 405’s tolling debacle, support our initiative.  If you’re disgusted by cost overruns on Bertha and the 520 bridge, support our initiative.  If you’re sick and tired of government arrogance and incompetence, support our initiative. 

         Bring Back Our $30 Car Tabs I-1421 is your chance to send an impossible-to-ignore message to out-of-touch politicians who always take taxpayers for granted. 

         We have from now until July 8th to collect 100’s of thousands of signatures.  The only way that’s gonna happen is with every single one of us putting forth a Herculean effort.  We need a ton of volunteers to collect signatures.  We need to distribute a ton of petitions.  We need to raise a ton of money to hire paid petitioners.  Voters are gonna be eager to sign our petitions — we need your help to give them every opportunity to sign.     

       If we get the signatures, we’re guaranteed a victory in November:  check out the polling results from last September on our initiative’s ballot title:  66% yes, 25% no, 9% not sure.  It’s a slam dunk winner.

       As we’ve been saying since the voters approved Initiative 1366, we will be doing another initiative this year called Tougher To Raise Taxes.  It puts a one-year time limit on any tax increase and requires legislative approval for any fee increase.  That initiative will go forward if the Democrats refuse to let the people vote on a 2/3-for-taxes constitutional amendment in November.  Bring Back Our $30 Car Tabs I-1421 is not instead of, but in addition to, our other initiative.    

       To Bring Back Our $30 Car Tabs and get I-1421 on the ballot, we need your financial support (petitions are automatically being mailed out to everyone as soon as possible).  Your support is critical.  Please make a donation today.