NEW INITIATIVE: Term Limits on New Taxes. What does it do? Initiative 1648 sunsets/expires all 2019 tax hikes!! Deadline for signatures? July 5

by | May 13, 2019

Over the years, we’ve qualified 17 initiatives for a statewide vote. 

What did they all have in common?

In every instance, we launched a signature drive not knowing if we’d succeed.  

“You don’t really know how much you can do until you stand up and decide to try.” Kevin Klein in the movie “Dave”

Inslee and the Democrats passed a lot of bills imposing new taxes: higher property taxes, a massive new payroll tax, huge new taxes on real estate sales, service businesses, banks, fuel, vaping, etc.

Total price tag? $25 billion over the next 10 years (

Here’s our chance to overturn all of them in November. 

Initiative 1648 — “Term Limits on New Taxes” — sunsets/expires all tax hikes not approved by voters at the ballot box. For tax hikes imposed in 2019, the initiative requires they expire on December 5. For tax hikes imposed in 2020 and thereafter, the initiative puts a one-year time limit on them. The “single subject” of I-1648 is putting term limits on legislatively imposed tax increases.

So with voters’ permission, tax increases can have a longer duration, but when unilaterally imposed by the Legislature, they must have a short duration.

I-1648 imposes term limits on new taxes:

Thanks to your hard work and support, we’ve already succeeded at getting our $30 Tabs Initiative I-976 on the fall ballot. Let’s have an all-out tax revolt in November by qualifying I-1648 too. 

Here’s the level of public support for term limits on tax increases — (these are results from an April poll of likely voters after being read the official ballot title):

33% Strongly support
31% Somewhat support
12% Somewhat oppose
16% Strongly oppose
9% Not sure

So it’s 64% support among likely voters. Broken down, it was 78% support w/ Republicans, 67% w/ Independents, and 49% w/ Democrats. 

This initiative is a winner. Let’s give the voters the chance to repudiate all of the Democrats’ tax hikes and tell ’em to go back to the drawing board in 2020. 

I-1648 is an initiative to the people. That means we have from now until July 5 to qualify it. Difficult but doable.

There’s 2 ways to help: donate and collect signatures. It’s best to do both.