NEW INITIATIVE: “We Love Our Cars” I-869 limits taxes, fees, tolls & charges on vehicles

by | Jun 2, 2016

Our newest initiative – “We Love Our Cars” – is an initiative to the legislature.  That means we have from now until the end of December – 7 full months – to collect the 300,000 signatures needed.  So we have all summer and fall – June, July, Aug, Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec – to qualify this important initiative for the ballot.  There’s no doubt it’s desperately needed.

         Vehicle owners are being overtaxed by all levels of government.  Taxes, fees, tolls, and other charges on vehicles are overwhelming.  There is a war on cars and it’s time for the people to fight back.  Vehicle owners already pay a huge sales tax when they buy a vehicle and a huge gas tax when they use a vehicle.  It’s simply not fair to be triple- and quadruple-taxed for our vehicles.

         Initiative 869 gives struggling taxpayers the chance to fight back by sending a message to politicians that we’re sick and tired of being overtaxed.  The goal of I-869 is to make it easier and more affordable to purchase, register, and use a vehicle in Washington state.  Our initiative gets rid of several unfair taxes, fees, tolls, and other charges on vehicles:

* State government is imposing expensive weight fees on vehicles – I-869 repeals them.
* Sound Transit is imposing a 0.3% car tab tax on vehicles – I-869 stops it.
* Sound Transit is planning on raising car tab taxes another 0.8% – I-869 repeals it.
* Cities are imposing fees on vehicles – I-869 stops those.
* Tolls on I-405 and Hwy 167 have created a huge mess and are a complete failure – I-869 stops them.
* Governments are gearing up to impose “vehicle miles traveled charges” – I-869 stops that.

        We’re gonna show the politicians that these taxes, fees, tolls, and other charges do not have the consent of the governed. 

        The polling for I-869 is sky-high:  63% support, 31% oppose, 6% not sure.  Check out the crosstab polling results:

        And here’s the petition design: (it must be printed on 11″x17″ paper, front & back — we’re printing up a ton of petitions this week and will get them mailed out to everyone next week).

        It is critical that we do this initiative NOW because state and local governments are planning on radically increasing taxes, fees, tolls, and other charges on vehicles EVEN HIGHER.

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