New update on Democrats’ plot to not appoint successor to Pam Roach

by | Jan 4, 2019

Democrats on the King County Council obviously think they can get away with it.  Let’s show this old adage is true:  “Only after feeling the heat do politicians ever see the light.” 

         Last night, 31st district Republican PCO’s chose newly elected house member Phil Fortunato as their first choice for successor for Pam Roach’s Senate seat. 

Phil Fortunato (left) is #1 choice of the PCO’s.  As for David Patrick #2 and Cheryl Marshall #3, both ultimately want Phil to get it.

       Despite confirming multiple times that they’d do Q&A with the 3 appointees this Thursday at 1:30 pm, the Democrat-controlled King County Council has now reneged on that promise. 

       This exact same thing happened for a house seat appointment in 2014 and it got delayed for 60 days because of this same gamesmanship (  They’re following the same playbook.  It’s deja vu all over again. 

        Why are they doing this?  To take over the state senate.  A tie in the senate means uber-activist Cyrus “I-believe-new-revenue-is-necessary” Habib stage a coup, allowing minority Democrats to take over and jam through a laundry list of liberal legislation until Pam’s successor gets in. 

         The only chance we have to stop them from getting away with it is by putting a spotlight on their despicable dereliction of duty. 

         Please — RIGHT NOW — everyone send another email.  Cut and paste these email addresses into the To line of your email: ;

        Email this or something like this:
“Chairman McDermott and other Democrats on the King County Council:  the PCO’s have done their jobs, now do yours.  Stop delaying, stop obstructing, we know what you’re doing.  The voters of the 31st district deserve representation in the Legislature starting on day 1 of the session.” 

       An email from you right now will really help.  All of us working together can really make a difference.        

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© 2020 Permanent Offense