Nobody works harder for taxpayers than we do

by | Dec 31, 2013

Why have we been so successful?  Because of you.
        Because you donated, the state car tab tax is dead (Initiative 695 and Initiative 776) and yearly vehicle fees are radically lower than they used to be.
        Because you contributed, increases in property taxes are 6 times lower than they otherwise would be (Initiative 722 and Initiative 747).
        Because you supported us, the state auditor conducts regular performance audits on any state or local government, agency, or program (Initiative 900).
        Because of your help, the 2/3 was passed in 2007, no tax increases in 2008 and 2009, the 2/3 was passed again in 2010, no tax increases in 2011 and two relatively small tax increases 2012, and the 2/3 was passed again in 2012, with 5 relatively small tax increases in 2013.
        BECAUSE OF YOU!!
        Because you supported us, because you donated to us, because you invested in us.  We work harder than anybody else to protect taxpayers but that effort only translates into success when each of you supports us. 
        Please contribute TODAY so we can fight for taxpayers in 2014.