Non-Seattle Democrat legislators and their constituents’ vote on I-1185 in 2012

by | Nov 12, 2014

Being that it was a such a low-turnout election, Democrat legislators outside Seattle may think that they’ll be safe during the high-turnout elections in 2016, regardless of how they vote in the next two years on bills raising taxes and fees.

         That would be a mistake.
         It’s important for them to remember that our Initiative 1185 and its taxpayer protections (2/3-for-taxes, only-the-Legislature-can-set-fees) were on the ballot in 2012, a huge-turnout presidential year.  And it got more votes than any initiative in state history: 1.9 million.  It received more votes than Inslee did.  It passed in every county.  It passed overwhelmingly in the 44 legislative districts outside Seattle.
          Here’s the 41 Democrat House members and 18 Democrat Senators outside Seattle and the percentage of voter support I-1185 received in their legislative district in high-turnout 2012:
•District 31 (73.2%): Rep. Christopher Hurst
•District 17 (72%): Rep. Monica Stonier — now Rep. Lynda Wilson (R)
•District 25 (71%): Rep. Dawn Morrell — now Rep. Michelle Stambaugh (R)
•District 19 (70%): Sen. Brian Hatfield and Rep. Dean Takko and Rep. Brian Blake
•District 47 (70%): Rep. Pat Sullivan
•District 26 (69.5%): Rep. Larry Seaquist — now Rep. Michelle Caldier (R)
•District 35 (69%): Rep. Kathy Haigh — now Rep. Dan Griffey (R)
•District 44 (69%): Sen. Steve Hobbs and Rep. Hans Dunshee

•District 5 (68%): Sen. Mark Mullet
•District 29 (68%): Sen. Steve Conway and Rep. David Sawyer and Rep. Steve Kirby
•District 30 (68%): Rep. Roger Freeman’s replacement
•District 38 (67%): Sen. John McCoy and Rep. June Robinson and Rep. Mike Sells
•District 49 (67%): Sen. Annette Cleveland and Rep. Sharon Wylie and Rep. Jim Moeller
•District 3 (66%): Sen. Andy Billig and Rep. Marcus Riccelli and Rep. Tim Ormbsy
•District 24 (66%): Sen. Jim Hargrove and Rep. Kevin Van De Wege and Rep. Steve Tharinger
•District 28 (65%): Rep. Christine Kilduff
•District 1 (64%): Sen. Rosemary McAuliffe and Rep. Derek Stanford and Rep. Luis Moscoso
•District 33 (64%): Sen. Karen Keiser and Rep. Mia Gregerson and Rep. Dave Upthegrove
•District 21 (63%): Sen. Marko Liias and Rep. Lillian Ortiz-Self and Rep. Strom Peterson
•District 45 (63%): Rep. Roger Goodman and Rep. Larry Springer
•District 11 (62%): Sen. Bob Hasegawa and Rep. Zack Hudgins and Rep. Steve Bergquist
•District 41 (61%): Rep. Tara Senn and Rep. Judy Clibborn
•District 23 (60%): Sen. Christine Rolfes and Rep. Sherry Appleton and Rep. Drew Hansen
•District 27 (60%): Sen. Jeannie Darneille and Rep. Laurie Jinkins and Rep. Jake Fey
•District 48 (60%): Sen. Cyrus Habib and Rep. Ross Hunter and Rep. Joan McBride
•District 32 (55%): Sen. Maralyn Chase and Rep. Cindy Ryu and Rep. Ruth Kagi
•District 40 (55%): Sen. Kevin Ranker and Rep. Kristine Lytton and Rep. Jeff Morris
•District 22 (54%): Sen. Karen Fraser and Rep. Chris Reykdal and Rep. Sam Hunt

Legislators are elected by their constituents to represent them and their district in Olympia. 10 Democrat House members and 5 Democrat Senators were elected to represent Seattle’s values and higher taxes and the 41 Democrat House members and 18 Democrat Senators outside Seattle were elected to represent their districts’ constituents’ values in supporting I-1185 and opposing higher taxes.

          During the 2015 session, Democrat legislators elected outside Seattle should remember their constituents’ wishes and oppose higher taxes.  They are elected to represent the people, not rule over them.