Olympia officially declared insane: over $100 billion in tax hikes

by | May 12, 2015

Why not?  

        On Wednesday, there’s a hearing at 1:30 pm for a bill proposing a new capital gains tax (House Bill 1484).  The state budget office released its’ analysis on Friday.  Cost:  $8.4 billion.  

         On Thursday, a 1:00 pm hearing on Gov. Inslee’s “cap and tax” bill (Substitute House Bill 1314):  Cost:  $14.1 billion.

         Then there’s the new state income tax by the Senate Democrats and the State Treasurer (Senate Bill 6114).  Cost:  $69.7 billion.

         The property tax “levy swap” (Senate Bill 6109).  Cost:  $15 billion.

         A different new capital gains tax (Senate Bill 6104).  Cost:  $5.5 billion.  

         The House’s transportation tax package (gas taxes, car tab taxes):  Cost:  $15 billion statewide, additional $15 billion in the Puget Sound.

         The Senate’s transportation tax package (gas taxes, car tab taxes):  Cost:  $15 billion statewide, additional $11 billion in the Puget Sound.

         5-fold increase in property tax increases (House Bill 2255).  Cost:  still being calculated.

         That’s over $100 billion in tax hikes.  

         Olympia can now be officially declared insane.  

         Last November, voters in Washington and across the country sent a very clear do-not-raise-our-taxes message.  Fiscal restraint and fiscal responsibility were what the voters demanded.  

        Where in the 2014 tea leaves are politicians reading public support for higher taxes?

        There is none.  

        Nonetheless, they’re discussing and debating and seriously considering family-budget-busting, state-economy-crushing tax hikes.  It’s crazy.  It’s nuts.

        But this is what happens in Olympia without the 2/3.  Complete insanity.  

        It is critical we get the 2/3-For-Taxes Constitutional Amendment Initiative on the ballot. This legislative session has illustrated how truly terrifying Olympia is without the 2/3.  Voters deserve the chance to put the 2/3 protection in our state Constitution.

        Success is the only option with the signature drive for I-1366.  Please help us make it happen.

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