Olympia raised taxes (grrrrr!) but thanks to our initiative in 2007, you have a voice and …

by | Jul 31, 2012

On Monday, as required by Initiative 960, which voters approved in 2007, the Attorney General notified the Secretary of State that the Legislature unilaterally imposed 2 tax increases and that an “Advisory Vote of the People” are required for each one.  Each will be placed on this November’s ballot.  So voters get the chance to vote on these 2 tax increases and second-guess the legislature’s decision.  In addition, the general election voters pamphlet will contain a list of the legislators and how they voted on these 2 tax increases, along with their party affiliations, cities they live in, phone numbers and email addresses.  Thanks to I-960, the people get to learn how much this legislative session cost in higher taxes and how legislators voted on all tax hikes.

         Here’s what Tim said about it yesterday:  “Because of the tough economy and how much taxpayers are struggling, I wish the Legislature hadn’t raised any taxes this session.  But I’m very pleased that voters will at least get a chance to weigh in on these tax increases with a vote and they get the opportunity to learn how legislators voted on these tax increase bills.  What I like most is that legislators in 2013 and beyond will have another reason to think twice about voting for any tax increase:  their legislative votes on tax increases will be published in the voters pamphlet and they’ll know that their constituents will have the chance to second-guess their vote.  This will prod legislators to think harder about what their constituents want before they cast their vote for a tax increase bill.”

          Jack, Mike and I didn’t pass Initiative 960 — voters did.  We hope that voters extend its popular taxpayer protections this November by approving Initiative 1185. 

Just 2 years ago, the Legislature suspended the 2/3 and unilaterally imposed a whopping $6.7 billion in higher taxes.  It is simply imperative that the taxpayers reinforce this essential protection.  Vote yes on Initiative 1185.