On Monday in Olympia, we launch new initiative — petitions and t-shirts printed

by | Feb 4, 2016

 It’s really exciting.  This Monday in Olympia, we launch a new initiative.  We’ve already printed up boxes of petitions and so I will have the honor of being the first signer.  Wait ’til you see me in the t-shirt for it!  It’s absolutely awesome.

       What’s the initiative do?  Well, that’s the surprise.  

       The initiative launch will be on Monday at 11 am at the Secretary of State’s office in the Capitol.  

       It’s extraordinarily exciting to kick-off the initiative season with our new initiative.  We’ll be the first one to hit the streets.  We think it’s gonna take off like a rocket.   

          Please help us keep fighting.  We need your financial support to continue fighting for taxpayers in the courts, in the legislature, and with our initiatives.  Please make a donation today.  As long as we keep the pressure on, we will continue to make it tougher for Olympia to take more of the people’s money.  

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© 2020 Permanent Offense