On taxes, Legislature scores an A-

by | Jul 1, 2013

First of all, thank you.  It couldn’t and wouldn’t have happened without you. 

        With your help, we kept the pressure on the Legislature throughout this year’s legislative session and all their special sessions.  We made it clear:  tax increases were simply unacceptable.  We reminded politicians over and over that the voters were clear in November when they overwhelmingly passed Initiative 1185’s policies for the 5th time, rejected the Legislature’s 2 tax increases from 2012, and elected a governor who promised to veto any tax increase (even though all of our supporters knew he was lying).

        Government will do the worst things when they don’t think the people are watching.  And with everyone’s help this year, politicians knew we were watching them like a hawk. 

        Proposed tax increase bills for higher sales taxes, property taxes, business taxes, gas taxes, car tab taxes, and most dreaded of all, a state income tax, were pushed over the past six months.  At one point, their proposed tax hikes totaled over $15 billion! 

        But like a bunch of clay pigeons, as each tax increase was tossed in the air, we did everything we could to shoot each one down.  We traveled to Olympia repeatedly and testified against them.  We asked all of you to email all those legislators, reminding them the voters were watching and opposed tax hikes.  And when the dust settled and the session was over, you could count on one hand the number of tax increases that made it through. 

        On taxes, the Legislature scored an A- (it wouldn’t have happened without the voters approval of I-1185, their rejection of the Legislature’s 2 tax increases from 2012, and the heroic efforts of the Senate Majority Coalition Caucus).
        The Legislature ended up picking at the carcasses of dead people with a “death tax” tax increase, imposing new telephone taxes, jacking up a hospital bed tax, and possibly others.  We’ll know how many individual tax increases there were and how much they’re going to cost us because each one is subject to a public vote this November (I-1185 requires any tax increase to be voted on).

        When the session started, Governor Inslee roared like a lion, tossing aside his veto-taxes promises, proposing billions in higher taxes.  But by the time it was over, Inslee’s roar became a whimper and his big tax-hiking agenda was by-and-large obliterated. 

        We couldn’t be happier.  And we couldn’t be prouder of all of you.

        But the battle isn’t over; the fight continues.  We’re moving full steam ahead on our new initiative:  LET THE VOTERS DECIDE ON A 2/3-FOR-TAXES CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT.  Our measure will ensure permanent protection from Olympia’s propensity to raise taxes.  17 other states already enjoy these same protections – voters support becoming #18.