On Thanksgiving, here’s something to be really thankful for (besides I-1185)

by | Nov 21, 2012

Almost 2/3 of voters approved Initiative 1185.  That’s nearly 1.9 million voters agreeing to I-1185’s tougher-to-take-more-of-the-peoples-money policies.  2/3 for taxes, tax advisory votes, fees required to be legislatively approved (no delegation of fee-increasing authority to state agencies).  It’s the 5th time voters passed it.  That’s a crystal clear message to Olympia.
         But we’ve been watching the Legislature for 15 years — and we’ve seen them arrogantly sidestep the voters’ mandate on initiatives over and over and over again.  Yes, the state Constitution says the Legislature can’t monkey with initiatives in their first two years, but when was the last time you ever saw legislators give a flying rip about the Constitution?  They can get around whatever laws we lay out for them if they’ve got the votes in Olympia to do so.
         So that’s why this Earthquake Development is so important.  Don Benton — one of our favorite legislators — winning re-election to his senate seat in Vancouver doesn’t automatically mean that good bills will be approved by the Legislature, but it does greatly increase the likelihood that bad bills will get stopped (sneaky tax increases, anti-initiative bills, etc.):
        Here’s a really informative story about it:  Looks Like it’s Benton in the 17th – and Now the Senate Shake-Up Can Begin 
        Tomorrow, on Thanksgiving, it is something that taxpayers — folks pulling the wagon, not riding in it — can be be thankful for (besides I-1185).
        Jack, Mike, and I ask for your help.