Opponents are going crazy — here’s why

by | Sep 22, 2015

By working hard and working together, we qualified and voters passed 2/3 initiatives in 2007, 2010, and 2012 — each win bigger than the last.  The results were clear:  there were no tax increases in the legislative sessions following each ballot box victory (and the overwhelming vote in 2012 also spurred a few Democrat senators to join the Republicans to form the Senate Majority Coalition Caucus that has protected us from much of Inslee’s insanity for the past 3 years — that wouldn’t have happened if not for the voters’ approval of Initiative 1185).

         Those victories and those results have driven our opponents crazy. 

         No matter how much they spent, no matter how much they demonized us, the voters consistently supported our initiatives making it tougher to raise taxes.

         Then in 2013, the state supreme court said we had to pursue a constitutional amendment. 

          Opponents thought the fight was over — that there was no way we could do it.  But they were wrong.  And that drove them even crazier.

        Last year, we tried really hard to qualify our 2/3-for-taxes constitutional amendment initiative for the ballot.  We didn’t make it. 

        Opponents thought the fight was over — but they were wrong.  And that made ’em even crazier.

        When I took out a 2nd mortgage on my home and loaned $250,000 to kick-start the signature drive for I-1366, opponents thought that was a sign of weakness.  They were wrong — and that drove them even crazier. 

        When hundreds of supporters donated and supported getting I-1366 on ballot, opponents went even crazier.  When we got on the ballot for $400,000 less than the other initiative spent (Paul Allen’s Initiative 1401), opponents went even crazier.

        Knowing that they were gonna lose again in November, opponents filed a lawsuit asking the courts to prevent the vote on I-1366.  But a King County judge and a unanimous supreme court refused to block the vote.  That made ’em even crazier. 

        Why are opponents going crazy?

         Because we keep trying, our supporters keep helping, and our efforts continue to score victories for the taxpayers.  Our initiatives have directly saved taxpayers over $32 billion so far.  Our 2/3 initiatives have saved taxpayers untold billions more by blocking scores of tax hike proposals. 

        Our persistence and our laser beam focus on the task of protecting taxpayers has officially driven our opponents crazy.   

         It is your support that makes that possible.