Opponents fail to prevent the vote: I-1366 gets green light from unanimous supreme court

by | Sep 4, 2015

This morning the state supreme court unanimously rejected I-1366 opponents’ desperate attempt to prevent the people from voting on I-1366 in November.  

        Opponents of I-1366 clearly don’t trust the voters and believe the people aren’t smart enough to understand our measure.  

         We do.  We trust the citizens to make this decision and we’re confident the people “get” why I-1366 is necessary.  It’s all about protecting the taxpayers from Olympia’s insatiable tax appetite.

         Our argument in the voters pamphlet says it all:  

Ballot Title
Initiative Measure No. 1366 concerns state taxes and fees.  This measure would decrease the sales tax rate unless the legislature refers to voters a constitutional amendment requiring two-thirds legislative approval or voter approval to raise taxes, and legislative approval for fee increases. 
Should this measure be enacted into law?  Yes ___ No ___

Argument For
Initiative Measure 1366

Five Times the Voters Have Approved Initiatives Requiring Either a Two-Thirds Vote of the Legislature…
…or majority vote of the people to raise taxes.  Five times.  In 2012, 64% of voters approved it.  Voters clearly want tax increases to be an absolute last resort.

Nonetheless, Olympia won’t listen to the people unless we pass I-1366.  Recent history shows why.  

For the Two Years Following Voter’s Approval in 2007, I-960 Worked Exactly as Voters Intended
With I-960, tax increases were a last resort and Olympia balanced its budgets without raising taxes.  In 2010, they suspended I-960 and increased taxes a whopping $6.7 billion, a huge betrayal of the public trust.  KING 5’s poll:  68% thought it was the wrong thing to do.  This year’s Legislature, without the two-thirds requirement in effect, increased taxes a jaw-dropping $17.5 billion.  Passing I-1366 sends a clear message:  we need protection from Olympia’s insatiable tax appetite.

We Need Certainty in Tough Economic Times
We need an economic climate where families feel confident, employers expand, and job growth is positive.  I-1366’s protections provide a stable future, giving families and employers the certainty they need to prosper.

Olympia Faces Another Big Deficit Because Unsustainable Spending has Once Again Outstripped Revenue
We simply can’t afford to have it all.  When voters pass I-1366, Olympia will be prodded to reform government, prioritize spending and re-evaluate existing programs.  If voters reject I-1366, Olympia will resort to job-killing, family-budget-busting tax increases.  Hold Olympia accountable for your tax dollars – vote yes.

Rebuttal of Argument Against
Politicians raised taxes a jaw-dropping $17.5 billion this year.  They simply can’t control themselves.  I-1366 is the Taxpayer Protection Act – its intent is protecting taxpayers from Olympia’s insatiable tax appetite, either by reducing their crushing tax burden or letting the people vote on a tougher-to-raise-taxes constitutional amendment.  The initiative prods the Legislature to confront the critical issue of overtaxation.  Olympia will continue to ignore the people unless voters pass I-1366.  Vote yes.  

Argument Prepared by
Erma Turner, retired hairdresser, businesswoman, our favorite supporter, Cle Elum; Darryl Ehlers, farmer, husband, father, poet, gathered 1255 signatures, Lynden; Jack Fagan, retired policeman, retired navy, grandfather, bowler, fisherman, hunter; Jerry Klingele, retired small business owner, active in community, Yakima; Brad Carlson, family small business owner, Evergreen Memorial Gardens, Vancouver; Suzie Burke, businesswoman, Fremont’s biggest small business advocate, Seattle.

Contact: (425) 493-9127; VoteYes1366@gmail.comwww.VoteYes1366.com

— END —

        Whenever anyone asks why I-1366 is needed, we simply respond “Did you see how tax-obsessed the Legislature was this year?” 

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