Our track record over the past 7 years

by | Nov 14, 2013

The three of us have been fighting for taxpayers for 16 years.  In the “early years,” it was lowering car tab taxes and limiting property taxes.  Those efforts have save taxpayers $26.06 BILLION so far (through 2013).

         But in the last 7 years, our mission focused on protecting taxpayers from tax increases.  And during that time, we got an initiative on the ballot 7 years in a row:

*  2007’s Initiative 960 reestablished the 2/3 vote requirement for the Legislature to raise taxes.  We qualified and despite being radically outspent, the voters approved the initiative.  NOT A SINGLE TAX INCREASE WAS IMPOSED IN 2008 AND 2009. 

*  2008’s Initiative 985 pushed Olympia to improve transportation using existing taxes instead of raising taxes.  We qualified, ran a shoestring campaign, but the voters decided against it.  AGAIN, NO TAX INCREASES IN 2008.

*  2009’s Initiative 1033 capped the growth of government, preventing tax increases without a vote of the people.  We raised money but it wasn’t enough, so Tim loaned the campaign $250,000 from a home loan and we qualified.  But we were radically outspent and voters said no.  AGAIN, NO TAX INCREASES IN 2009. 

*  In 2010, the Legislature repealed the 2/3 requirement and we responded with Initiative 1053 which reinstated it.  We raised money but it wasn’t enough, so during the signature drive, Tim again loaned the campaign $250,000 from a line of credit secured by a 2nd mortgage on his home.  We qualified and 65% of voters approved it.  NO TAX INCREASES IN 2011, 2 SMALL INCREASES IN 2012. 

*  2011’s Initiative 1125 put strict limits on transportation taxes, especially tolls.  We qualified but voters said no.  AGAIN, NO TAX INCREASES IN 2011.

*  2012’s Initiative 1185 renewed the 2/3 requirement, heading off an inevitable repeal effort by the Legislature.  We qualified and it received more votes than any initiative in state history.  2 SMALL TAX INCREASES IN 2012. 

*  2013’s Initiative 517 protected the initiative process.  It qualified but voters said no.  5 RELATIVELY SMALL TAX INCREASES IN 2013.    

     That is a remarkable track record of protecting the citizenry from tax increases!

     Taxpayers benefited tremendously from these efforts.  But we struggled to raise money for our own compensation:

*   Because there’s only so many dollars from our supporters and our top priority has always been the qualification of the initiative (as our 7 year track record of success illustrates). 
*   Because Tim’s loans (which were essential to qualifying) left us with huge, ongoing burdens and any money raised to pay off those loans were funds not going to compensation.

     We hope our commitment to “the cause” is self-evident.  We hope you appreciate our overall success.  

     We cannot and will not survive without your support.  Our compensation fund for the 3 of us has received $43,294 so far.  We hope and we ask all of you to please value our efforts more than that.