Passage of 1366 best way to kill threat of state income tax/capital gains tax

by | Sep 14, 2015

Powerful voices are pushing Olympia to impose a new state income tax/capital gains tax.  Governor Jay Inslee, liberal legislators and activists, government unions, the state supreme court, newspaper editorial boards, and many others are all pushing the Legislature to ignore what the people want and create massive new taxes OVER AND ABOVE WHAT WE ALREADY PAY.   

        In yesterday’s Olympian newspaper, their Sunday editorial lionized our liberal state treasurer because of his current efforts to enact a new state income tax:  “We think state Treasurer Jim McIntire, a Democrat and former state legislator, is on the right track.  Like a secret agent on an impossible mission, he’s been talking quietly over the past year with business, labor and other interests about our state’s outdated tax system. … A 5 percent income tax … could generate a net $4 billion of new revenue.”

        Why is he “talking quietly?”  Because everyone knows the voters hate it. 

        Why is he only talking with special interest groups?  Because they’ve got the political muscle to shroud this income tax effort in secrecy.

        It’s not a coincidence that opponents of 1366 want a new state income tax/capital gains tax (the Washington State Democratic Party is a prominent example).  One of the biggest reasons opponents of 1366 were so desperate to prevent the people from voting on our initiative was because they knew its’ passage will hurt their clandestine tax hiking schemes.  Their plotting and planning only works in political darkness.  But initiative campaigns like 1366 shine the brightest spotlight imaginable on the tax issue and give the average taxpayer an equal voice in the process.  

      Passage of 1366 is best way to kill the growing threat of a new state income tax/capital gains tax.

      But the corollary is also true:  the rejection of 1366 would pour gasoline on the flickering flame being fanned by income tax fanatics, turning it into a raging inferno. 

      As we pointed out late last week, Olympia reacts consistently to how voters vote on our tax initiatives:  if our tax initiative passes, the following legislative session is good for taxpayers, if our initiative doesn’t pass, the following legislative session is horrible for taxpayers.

        The vote on 1366 is a proxy vote on a state income tax:  if you oppose a state income tax, vote yes on 1366, if you support a state income tax, vote no on 1366.  

         This year’s Legislature raised taxes a jaw-dropping $17.5 billion.  The passage of Initiative 1366 is the most effective way to protect taxpayers from Olympia’s insatiable tax appetite. 

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