Permanent Offense, Baby! Mon Launch, Thurs Hearing, Fri Lifetime Ban, Give Them Nothing, $30 Tabs

by | Mar 28, 2019

Permanent Offense baby!

1)  We Don’t Want An Income Tax Initiative: Monday we launch the signature drive for I-1650.  It not only blows up the Democrats’ capital gains income tax and the Seattle City Council’s income tax, but it stops ALL future income tax schemes.  99 days to get 320,000 signatures (July 5 deadline).  It’s the Democrats’ Holy Grail – let’s crucify it.

2)  Democrats’ Income Tax bill:  the media reported it’d be on Monday, but it turns out that the only hearing on House Bill 2156 is Thurs, April 4 @ 8am (House Finance, O’Brien Bldg).  Join me and let’s pack the room.  Tell Olympia:  We Don’t Want An Income Tax. 

3)  Give Them Nothing:  tons of requests for Referendum 80 petitions — tons of people working on it.  Need more.  Super positive reaction – nobody thinks Inslee and Ferguson deserve bonuses!  $50K extra for Supreme judges makin’ $380K?  No flippin’ way!  40 days left until May 7 deadline.  Massive salary bonuses for politicians?  Let the voters decide!

4)  Ferguson’s Lifetime Ban:  No more scrimmages, this one’s the Super Bowl.  Court hearing Fri, April 5 at 9am (TVW recording it so you can watch online – I’ll send link).  The AG successfully bullied current and prospective legal counsel from representing me so it’ll be me, a lawyer-less WAZZU grad, versus the full power of State.  Judge Dixon will decide if banning me from politics forever — which Ferguson is explicitly asking for — is constitutional.  Great story about it here:

5)  $30 Tabs Initiative:  KING 5 exposes government ripping off vehicle owners by artificially inflating the value of our vehicles to take more than they should.  Great story:
Initiative 976 stops that by repealing the government’s dishonest valuation schedule — replacing it with $30 flat fee.  And it’s already on the November ballot thanks to you.